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Spartan Trifecta Weekend and Girls on the Run

Here’s the deal. Last year my son and I took on a Spartan Sprint. It was phenomenal. BUT, the boy had to carry me through several obstacles. (Like, literally carry me…up over his head…so I could make it through the monkey bars.)

So, when I suggested that this year we race a Spartan Trifecta weekend, he readily agreed…on one condition. “Mom, you’ve GOT to get stronger. Please don’t make me carry you through three races in one weekend.”

Fair enough. I’ll train hard and show him just how strong his momma can be.

But then I figured, why not blog about my process and try to raise money for an awesome cause at the same time? Enter Girls on the Run. Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to help coach a team of elementary school girls through the Central Virginia Girls on the Run program. It was a powerful experience, watching these girls grow in their strength, character, and confidence in a matter of weeks.

And that’s why we’re here. Over the next few months, I will share how well (or not so well) my training is going and I will occasionally remind you about my goal to raise $500 for Girls on the Run of Central Virginia.

Hopefully you’ll watch me get stronger and successfully take on a Spartan Beast, Super, and Sprint in August. Orrrr, you’ll watch me have some fun and then bribe my son to carry me through three Spartan races in one weekend.

Incidentally, I happen to be eating an ice cream drumstick as I write this.

Training starts tomorrow.


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