An Easy Six Miles

“I could never do that.” “I wish I could do that.” “I can’t believe you did that.” 

If you’re a runner, you’ve heard these phrases. Maybe you try to convince them that they CAN do it. It’s hard, though, to convince people that they can. I think a lot of non-runners assume that runners were just born this way. The truth is, most of us didn’t start running until well into adulthood.

I was born into a running family, sure. Both of my parents were avid runners. Most of my early memories involve sitting on a blanket at some race watching my parents cross a finish line and celebrate with friends. But I never felt a real inclination to try running until after my second child. (Kids breed a lot of stress and anxiety and I’d heard that running could help that.I believe my running is how my children survived their teen years.)

I remember the first time I decided to actually give it a go. I laced up my new running shoes, told the guy I was dating at the time that I was going out for a run, and then bounced happily out the door. 

I mighthave made it around the block. It took me at least 10 minutes to do that and I thought I was going to die. I literally thought my heart was just going to stop in protest. 
When I stumbled back through the front door a quick 10 minutes after I’d gone, my boyfriend said, “I thought you were going for a run.” I should add that he said this while reclining on the couch with a beer and a bag of chips. 

Here’s my point. That’s where I was when I made the decision to become a runner. It was not a great place to be and certainly didn’t feel very promising. I never thought I’d say “easy” and “6 miles” in the same sentence. But I committed to it anyway. And I never looked back. Two months ago, I ran my first marathon. Last Sunday, I ran a 25k trail run for the fourth time. Last night, I signed up for a 30 mile ultra (I’m waitlisted, but still committed if someone drops).

Running may not be for everyone. But if you’ve ever thought about it, try it. Just go ahead and do it and keep doing it until it makes you happy. And confident. And strong. 

Because it will make you happy. 

I mean, first it tries to kill you, but then eventually it makes you totally happy.

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