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It’s the Final Countdown

I happened to glance at the calendar today.

One month. 
I have exactly one month before taking on my Spartan Trifecta.
I think probably the best way to describe what I felt when that realization hit was massive heart-wrenching panic. Like, death panic. Like, dear Lord where is the unregister button panic? Like, how do I undo the drastic decision to take on a freakin Spartan Trifecta panic???
And then I got it together.
I’m good.
This rope, though. This frustrating, defeating, mocking, obnoxious rope. 
I just can’t master it. 
I’ve been given yet another exercise to practice my form and movement. The people giving me all of these techniques are people that can actually climb the rope. I mean, they have to know what they’re talking about, right? Seriously. My dad was a dang Army Ranger. If he doesn’t know about ropes, then who does??? No, no. I’m still good. Just breath.
Ok. Sit on the ground, legs out straight, and pull myself up without bending my knees.
K. So, I’ve got that. Easy peasy. 
I should be able to climb the rope now, right? 
Except no. 
I’m close. I’m sooooo close. 
But still, no. Close doesn’t work in Spartan.
Ok. So, someone else is probably going to need to be in charge of my life choices going forward.
For now, click here donate to Girls on the Run so I can know I’m not putting myself through this for nothing. Please?


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