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The Case for Running Skirts as Formal Wear

A few weeks ago, I went to see one of my favorite local musicians perform. (For those that have known me for a while, I recognize how shocking that one small statement may be. But for real, I left the house and did a social thing. Voluntarily. I know.)
The problem was, I was also scheduled to run a 5k trail race that night.
I didn’t want to show up to one of the rare non-running social events I will ever attend in shorts and sneakers. (Seriously. If you don’t know me, this was a big deal. I was going to do a thing and I wanted to look decent.)
Both locations were an hour from home and changing in a public bathroom is never a viable option. I have precious little balance and am prone to falling over while standing on both feet. Attempting to change would have undoubtedly led to some sort of contact with a public toilet. And I make a point to never have direct contact with a public toilet.
The obvious solution: Running skirt.

Seriously. Tell me this wouldn’t be the cutest skirt you owned.

I wore a running skirt with a dressy blouse and sandals. No one even knew that under that pretty, dainty, dressy blouse was an unreasonably old and decidedly unattractive sports bra. And I seemed to be the only one questioning the appropriateness of the running skirt. And when I got to the trail, I just had to switch out my shirt and throw on a hat and sneakers.
It is apparently entirely socially acceptable to wear a running skirt as though it were dressy. Am I the only one awed by this? And if so, why haven’t any of you clued me in before?
And so, this is my case for running skirts as formal wear. We should just wear them always.
  • They are super comfortable.
  • They are super cute (I like to twirl a lot when I’m wearing a particularly flouncy skirt).
  • They have those built in spanks so you don’t even have to remember to sit like a lady (which is honestly a very real challenge for me).
  • And really, every runner should be prepared to run at all times. Because you never know when the need to run will hit. Sometimes a girl just needs to run to be reminded of her power. Or to keep from hurting the people. Running serves both purposes well.

So, two things.
All skirts should be running skirts.
And donate to Girls on the Run so more girls can be reminded of their power.


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