Here’s Why We Use Quotes When We Say “Friends”


So I ran with some of my amazing “friends” this morning. We use quotes when referring to them because sometimes they say mean things like, “Hey! There is ice on Roanoke Mountain so let’s run Peakwood!”

The problem is that I don’t live in Roanoke. I only have a vague memory of the Blue Ridge Marathon course. So, I don’t really retain all of the horrible portions to run through. I remember hating Peakwood. I remember it toying with my emotions a bit. I remember it being one of the worst experiences of my life. Like, at least top ten. But I don’t remember feeling this level of hatred.

It sucks. If you’re running any portion of the Blue Ridge Marathon, you need to know this. Peakwood is the stuff evil is made of. It forces you up a ridiculously steep, never ending incline until it finally levels off. And then it goes downhill. And in front of you, all you can see is downhill and no real indication that there could possibly still be more up. I mean…there is no additional up…is there? We’re…at the top. Right? No…no, that…that is definitely more up around that corner. I just ran Mill Mountain. And I ran a short portion followed by a brisk walk up this first half of Peakwood. Why…is there…more up? And why am I doing this? And where are the donuts? (I may have promised myself donuts if I got out of bed and showed up to run this morning.) This is how people develop trust issues.

But, ok. I was anticipating it. I knew before we started that this was coming. So, I managed it only because I kept reminding myself that once we hit the top, it was pretty much downhill (or at least not death-desire-provoking up) back to the car.

That’s when my double training partner, the cute little sweet-looking one says, “Wanna do Jefferson?” (Again, this is why we use quotes when we say “friends.”)

See, here’s the problem. I don’t know Jefferson. The portions of Jefferson that I normally drive are pretty flat. And I don’t remember Jefferson from last year’s marathon. Plus, I mean, she’s so adorably sweet that you don’t really question her motives. You tend to just buy into whatever random craziness she suggests. Because it never actually sounds crazy until you’re in the midst of it.

And then you see Jefferson in front of you and you’re preparing to go left towards the downhill and everyone else turns right…which is where all of the up happens. And then you remember how sadistic your adorable little double training partner is. Jefferson sucks. Particularly at the end of a 13 mile run when you were emotionally prepared for downhill, the up that Jefferson involves sucks.

My Crazy Awesome "Friends"

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My double training partner promises it will be fun. And look how cute she is? How can you say no?

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  1. I love it! Your description is very precise!!! And yes, I will always remind you about parts of the race that you want to forget! 😁😁

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