Bastardized Blue Ridge Virtual Marathon

I keep clearing my throat. I think there may still be a little piece of cheeseburger lodged in there. See, what happened was... People kept posting about the need for volunteers for Blue Ridge Marathon. And I kept worrying about how in hell I was gonna run Promiseland 50k++ the week after running Blue Ridge … Continue reading Bastardized Blue Ridge Virtual Marathon

Run Blue Ridge

It's Blue Ridge Marathon day. All my friends posted their race outfits yesterday, and I'm sitting here at 4:30 in the morning downing coffee and digging through three laundry baskets full of unfolded clothes trying to find a running bra and a left sock. Seriously. A left sock. Because Feetures and Balega don't think I'm … Continue reading Run Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Double Marathon and FOMO

Got an email today about the Blue Ridge Marathon. Double. The Double Marathon. Apparently there are 17 spots left. For the Double. Admittedly, I haven't registered for BRM yet because I can't decide on which distance to do. I wasn't really considering doing the Double this year. You know, because last year I learned that … Continue reading Blue Ridge Double Marathon and FOMO

Today I Earned a Crown and Restriction

Finished up Virginia's Blue Ridge Triple Crown today. With the Star City Half. I didn't get a crown at the end. I really wanted a crown. Pretty sure I earned one. Apparently I did get a medal, though. That my running partner picked up for me. Because I'm walking-impaired now. North Mountain did some damage … Continue reading Today I Earned a Crown and Restriction

It’s a Fruit That Tastes Like Meat

I ate jackfruit tonight. I'm not entirely sure what jackfruit is. I was afraid to look it up beforehand because I was worried about what I'd learn. My fears were justified. Wisegeek describes it this way: "The ripening fruits have an odor that has been compared to the smell of rotting onions. This often discourages … Continue reading It’s a Fruit That Tastes Like Meat