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My Psychopaths

Let’s run the mountains this Sunday!

Ok. 2:30am start?


Really? No arguments?

Nope! You’ve met us, right?

There’s no reason to get up at 1:00am on a Sunday to go for a run. To some people (maybe a lot of people?), it probably sounds like a pretty stupid thing to do. I mean, sleep is pretty important. I think it probably even falls on the most basic level of Maslow’s Hierarchy. Right there with food and safety.

But those early early morning runs (middle of the night runs?) with my psychopaths are, without question, the absolute best runs I’ve ever experienced.

The city is quiet.

The roads are ours.

And the way your brain operates in a not quite awake, but fully creative kind of dream state way is phenomenal. (Until someone asks you what the marathon course route is after you come off of Mill Mountain. Then your brain gets stuck in this kind of weird thought loop where you have to try to time things just right to pick out the one piece of accurate information that might be caught in that loop. Kind of like double Dutch. And I’ve never even been able to single Dutch, so you can see the issue there. I’m pretty sure I gave him at least 15 different potential routes and none of them were right.)

So, when your crew happens upon a very large tree blocking your path to the mountain, you take it.

Alone, I would have accepted that little gift as an excuse to cut my run short and totally turned my butt around and headed back to the car.

But with my psychopaths, we owned that tree. All we needed was for Danny (also known as dude in previous posts) to climb up on top of it and say the road was clear ahead. (Which was ridiculous because one, he couldn’t see but 50 yards ahead so he really didn’t know and two, I’m pretty sure we would have kept going even if he’d seen 50 more trees down on the road.)

Photo credit: Danny Wright, because my pic just turned into reflective vest skeletons.
UPDATE: Apparently I have to update the photo credit because Danny actually stole the pic from Josh. And that’s odd because I can see that Danny is standing right there preparing to climb the tree and yet I still believed he had also taken the picture. Again, it was REALLY early…

It was bitterly cold and windy. Our legs were exhausted for much of the run. And all I could really focus on was coffee and breakfast.

But we got our 16 mountain miles in while most of SW Virginia was still sleeping. And then we enjoyed a two hour breakfast as our reward. And those post-run conversations are some of my favorites. My god these people are inspiring. You just don’t even know until you spend that kind of time with them.

Of course, my reward is short lived since I’m about to meet Kim to do this Polar Plunge ridiculousness. But really, do you expect any less from a group of psychopaths?

Bring on the post-run ice bath!

ALSO UPDATE: We did the Polar Plunge. It was horrible. I almost died. Kim is the worst friend ever.

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