Honoring My Capabilities

Saw one of my mountains on my way to watch my son’s soccer game tonight.


I will forever claim these mountains as mine.

I’m one week into Blue Ridge Double Marathon recovery. Let me tell you, the first few days were iffy.

It’s possible that I posted a somewhat hysterical Facebook plea begging for advice. “How do I save my Achilles???” I don’t know. It went something like that.

Turns out, running an ultra may result in some aches and pains. Who knew?

Some wisdom from a chiropractic ultrarunning friend suggested that my “panic trigger might be a little loose.”

Ok. So, calm the F down. Gotcha.

So, I’ve spent the weekend trying to tighten up my panic trigger and starting to honor what my body is capable of.

I focused on some strength training the last two mornings and then an intense, but relaxing DEEP Buti yoga session with Bloom & Shine Wellness tonight.

This particular session allowed me to spend time appreciating my body and what it can do. I think that’s something I hadn’t really bothered to do after the Double.

I mean, I had just required it to carry me 52.4 mountainous miles of road on precious little fuel and no sleep just two weeks after making it crawl through four miles of manure in a pretty miserable Spartan Sprint and then rather than honoring it, I got kind of pissy with it for having the gall to complain.

No wonder my Achilles are pissed at me. (As was my knee after an unfortunate crawling into bed incident, but we’ve made up now.)

So, I feel like tonight was a breakthrough. I’ve apologized and talked all sweet to her and told her she’s amazing. I’ve promised her some rest (while also committing to running the Lynchburg Ultra Series next year and throwing in another marathon this year thanks to an awesome couple … but shhhhh, don’t tell her.)

I’ll allow her another week of ice and rest before giving the trails a go. And I’ll remember to be grateful that I can do the things I do. Because I know too many people who no longer can. And I’m not arrogant enough to think that I will always be able to do these things.

I’m grateful that I can push my body to incredible levels of pain and discomfort and she continues to rise to the occasion.

Next week is my Heart & Sole team’s Celebration 5k (click on the link to learn more about volunteering – we can always use coaches and running buddies). I haven’t been able to get to a lot of practices lately due to my work schedule, but I know these girls know the pain and discomfort themselves. So, I will celebrate with them and enjoy every kilometer of it.

(And then next month, Conquer the Cove trail marathon. But for real, shhhhh. We’re just telling her we’re going to see all of our Mountain Junkies for a picnic … at 6:30am. She likes them, so I think it’ll work.)




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