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Because I Should Always Get a Crown


I think the Feetures Blue Ridge Double Marathon might be trying to make up with me.

It’s aware that I’m still resentful about my loss of juice after such an exhausting event.

So, I’ve been selected as an Official Ambassador of the Lewis Gale Salem Half Marathon.

Maybe they just feel sorry for me. Whatever. I lost my pride back on Roanoke Mountain, Loop Two. I don’t really need it back.

This is race number two in the Virginia’s Blue Ridge Triple Crown.

I didn’t get to run the Salem Half last year. I don’t remember why because 2017 has become a bit of a blur. That’s probably for the best. But I ran it in 2016, the inaugural year for this race. I remember thinking that Salem should be allowed to steal Lynchburg’s claim as Hill City.

It’s challenging. Because Roanoke goes hard. We breed serious mountain runners around here and our races aren’t for pansies.

I remember kind of hating myself for signing up, which has really come to be the mark of an excellent challenge. (Except for Whiskey. Tango. Actual. Foxtrot.. That challenge was definitely just traumatic. I’m still looking for a good counselor to deal with that trauma.)

But all of my favorite local races are the ones that I hate myself for as I’m running them. Because that’s how I know they’re worth my time. The challenge is important. And I definitely remember this one being a challenge.

I also remember plenty of fun pre- and post-race activities, nice medals, lots of friends, and beautiful views.

Plus, I got one of my favorite race photos out of that race.


My gosh. I look so … confident and in control there. Like someone that might actually enjoy running and feels pretty good about their life choices.

Seriously. This is a big deal. We all remember this, right?


There was no confidence or control there. I’m not even sure I knew where I was at that point. I just knew that I wasn’t at home in my sweats on my couch with coffee.

So, even though I think that running the Double should automatically qualify me for the triple crown … or a quadruple crown if we’re really doing the math, which I try to never do … I’m excited to run around Salem with all of my people again.

There will be no shortage of C & C Runners out there. (There never is. We’re a pretty massive group.)

You can join me and get a discount on your race entry using code: AmbassadorSUNSHINE20

Follow this link to register: Lewis Gale Salem Half Marathon

There’s an 8k option, as well. That’s, like, 5 or 6 miles? I don’t know. Because math. Just Google it.

So, I guess this probably makes up for the whole stolen juice gang jump double marathon that I’m still recovering from. I suppose I forgive Blue Ridge now.

But it really would be best if someone gave me an actual crown at some point. Preferably one that lights up.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.


  1. I have the syndrome of which you speak. Sometimes it pushes me farther than I thought I could go – positive. Sometimes, it feels my pride.

    1. We should probably both always get to run with crowns.

    2. *fuels

      I wouldn’t mind a crown! Just post-race so I don’t have to carry the extra weight or worry about balancing it on my head while I run lol

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