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Running Restriction

My parents have put me on running restriction.

I mean, I’m still allowed to run. I just can’t sign up for races without their permission.

The issue is that I’ve been whining about how badly my body broke down during the Blue Ridge Double. (Are y’all tired of hearing about that yet? Because my parents are…)

I stopped by their house a few days ago at the end of a run and started talking about upcoming races and how I was starting to feel kind of like a normal runner again. With Conquer the Cove coming up soon, I was explaining that I was only signing up for the 25k. NOT the full marathon. I promised that I wouldn’t give into any kind of peer pressure to sign up for the full. A 25k is a reasonable distance at this point in my recovery. And I am nothing if not reasonable.

Ok. They accepted that. They seemed a little skeptical, but they didn’t really challenge me on it.

I told them that I was selected as a Lewis Gale Salem Half Marathon Ambassador, so I’d be running that one again this year. (If you click on the link, you can register using my discount code: AmbassadorSUNSHINE20 to get 20% off your registration.)

Ok. They thought that was nice. It’s good to try to get others involved in the sport. And half marathon is a totally reasonable distance that I generally don’t whine about.

Then I started talking about 2019.

This is where it turned ugly.

“I have to use my Blue Ridge Discount Code by the end of this month to sign up for next year’s race, but I’m not sure what distance I want to run…………I was kind of thinking I might try the Double again…”

This was apparently their breaking point.

Soooo, now I’m on restriction and I have to get this permission slip signed before I can sign up for any future races.

race permission slip

Initially, I was indignant.

I’m grown. I have been making my own life choices for years now and I’ve done a pretty damn good job.

Psht. Tell me I can’t race what I want without permission. They can’t tell me.

I’m 43.

I make good decisions all of the time!

Then I got home and looked at my race calendar for the rest of 2018.

From August -November, I have:

  • Several 5k’s
  • One Trail Ragnar
  • Two Spartan Races
  • Two Trail Ultras
  • Two Half Marathons
  • Two Full Marathons

Ok. Maybe they have some cause for concern. To be fair, I’m not actually financially committed to the two trail ultras. So, I mean, I’m not that far out of control. I can totally say no. I can stop signing up for races anytime I want.


I can.

Whatever. I don’t have time to argue. I’ve got to go sign up for the Conquer the Cove Marathon … Because I ran with some friends yesterday … And somebody used the word “beast” … And now I can’t not sign up for the full.

Sooooo, who wants to pretend to be my parents and chaperone me?



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