Chicago Marathon Party In Corral L


Corral L

There are 11 starting corrals in the Chicago Marathon.

L is the 12th letter of the alphabet. That’s how far back they put me. 12th out of 11.

In all fairness, Chicago chooses to skip the letter I. I assume this is just to screw with people like me who struggle with the maths anyway and struggle even more with direction, so why not really just do what we can to make this event as confusing as possible. Like I need an extra challenge. Like my life isn’t challenge enough. Like being friends with Kim isn’t challenge enough.

Anyway, Corral L. The last corral. I will very likely be the exact last person to start the 2018 Chicago Marathon.

Initially, I was offended. I ran Blue Ridge. Twice. And that’s got mountains and shit. You really think I can’t handle your flat little run around the city? Please.

And then I stood up to go get some Doritos from the kitchen and felt that sharp pain in my Achilles (which, incidentally, has now moved to the side of my foot, as well) and remembered that I haven’t really run much in recent months. That the My Zombie Parasite Flu cancelled my forced long run at Iron Mountain. That I am barely managing 5 mile runs these days.

Yeah. Corral L sounds about right.

But whatevs.

Because the way way back is where all the cool people hang out. It’s where the party is. It’s where no one is worried about pacing or hydration or fuel or that sharp pain in your left foot. It’s the “meh” corral. Meh, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Meh, they’ve got water on the course. Meh, I’ll get there when I get there, even if the finish line isn’t actually up anymore. Meh, I’ll probably raise the rest of the money I need for my charity entry into this race…

Because meh is actually who I am as a person.

But also because Girls on the Run is all about perseverance. Doing the impossible things. Believing that you’ve got what it takes. Understanding that it’s not about competition, but about achieving goals. And maybe about not really sweating the small stuff. (Like the $315 I have left to raise for my charity entry…)

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that have donated to my Girls on the Run fundraiser. You are rock stars and I promise to share at least one photo of me melting down on a bridge. I hear there are several bridges…some that you can see right down through to the water…so there will be plenty of opportunity for at least one good meltdown pic. Maybe even video if I can keep up with my “friends.”

If you haven’t donated yet, go ahead and click here and throw a couple of bucks in. So far I’ve raised enough to sponsor four girls for an entire season. I’d like to raise enough to sponsor two more. (I also kinda have to. It’s part of the deal I made. I raise $1,000 and they let me go run 26.2 miles through downtown Chicago. Plus I get a shirt. I think. Seems like a solid deal…)

So, I’ll probably get a long run in next weekend, while the rest of the Chicago Marathon world is tapering. Meh. That should be sufficient.

Because that’s how I roll. It’s cool, though. Pretty sure Kim is rolling that way, too. And she could also use some donations for her charity, so click here to do that. Because I’m not going to this Corral L party alone…

I’m bringing the Doritos.

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