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Lewis Gale Salem Half Marathon

Soooo, this is Mile 7 of the Lewis Gale Salem Half Marathon right now.

We’ve talked about this, right? My fear of water? That my nightmare scenario always starts with flooding?

This isn’t Spartan, y’all. I’ll wade through creeks and rivers in the interest of OCR. Even poop-filled ones. But I cannot, will not go into water where water isn’t supposed to be.

Like, with lakes and streams, there is always a chance that the earth beneath will open up and swallow you whole. And I can generally manage that. But that risk increases exponentially in cases where water has flooded streets and sidewalks. Did you know that? Science, y’all. #facts

But that’ll drain off before Saturday, right? I’m sure that’s how water works.

If not, it’s gonna take a whole posse of folks that I know and trust to force me past Mile 6. In fact, I might be cool with a 5k that morning.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get a 20% discount using this code: AmbassadorSUNSHINE20

It’ll be fun. You can push me into the water and laugh as I frantically try to keep my feet from touching the bottom. (Because the earth is less likely to open up if there isn’t direct human contact. Again #facts.)


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