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Running To Write

I’m six days into my running restriction.

It’s not going well.

I went ahead and accepted an invite to a running party up to the Roanoke Star on Saturday morning. Just like last year. It’s a tradition, so that makes it ok.

Plus, I have new running permissions now.

Went to Thanksgiving at my parents’ house and my mom laid down some new restriction guidance. Basically, she has granted me permission to run one full marathon per month. She also says I can run one race of a reasonable distance, like a 10k, each month. And as a bonus, I can run shorter distances, like five milers, several times per week.

I mean, I can’t really afford to take advantage of my new monthly marathon allowance. Not until job number five kicks in. But week day group runs are totally free, so I plan on taking full advantage of those.

Now, if I’m being real, I’d acknowledge that her intention was not so much to encourage me to run monthly marathons, but more to discourage me from running double marathons or two marathons in the same month.

Still, she didn’t say I couldn’t run at all. So, I’m gonna just run with that. Literally. For as long as I can.

And she obviously didn’t consult my running partner about this change in restriction. I’m not sure he’s fully sold on the idea. But parental restrictions trump running partner restrictions, right? You don’t just not listen to your mom. That’s how bad stuff happens.

Plus, my writing mentor has directed me to write a new book. About running. And I can’t write about running if I can’t run. 

Talked to the old dog about it tonight…

ME: “I know what my next book is going to be about, Bo.”

LOBO: “The crazy little white one you just brought home. Sure. Because everyone loves puppies. You know she’s the one peeing everywhere, right?”

ME: “I know. But no. It’s not gonna be a book about Solana.”

LOBO: “Hmm. I mean, she’d make a good book. One about crazy and stuff. People love reading about crazies. You know she poops in the house on purpose because she likes to watch it flush down the toilet. Says it goes all swirly and shit. Those are her words. Not mine. Your puppy’s got a potty mouth.”

“ME: I know, Bo. But listen, I’m gonna write a book about running!”

LOBO: “Running.”

ME: “Yeah! Running! Won’t that be cool?”

LOBO: “Like, you’re gonna write a whole book explaining how to run? Are you really the best person for that job? I mean, I’m not saying you can’t run. But I see how you walk around here, all gimpy and whiny. I just. I feel like maybe you’re not doing the running thing right. Maybe you shouldn’t be the one to tell other people how to do it. You know who should write a book about how to run? Me. Dogs are genius runners. We know it’s way more effective to use four legs and not just two.”

ME: “No, not a how-to book. Just a book about my experiences as a runner. How it’s changed me and stuff.”

LOBO: “Like, how it’s made you all limpy and whiny and stuff?”

ME: “Nooooo. How it’s made me happier and more confident.”

LOBO: “Huh. Ok. Well. That’s nice.”

ME: “Thanks.”

LOBO: “Sure. So, we got anymore of those cannabis edibles? My glaucoma’s acting up.”

ME: “Bo, we didn’t get those edibles for glaucoma. You don’t have glaucoma. They’re for your hips. And yes. Here.”

LOBO: “Thanks. Can I also get some kibble with this? They give me the munchies.”

ME: “It’s not, like, actual weed, Bo. It’s just CBD. You don’t have the munchies.”

LOBO: “You don’t know what I have. Hey. You know what was awesome?”

ME: “What?”

LOBO: “That book we wrote about me.”

ME: “The book I wrote about animal fostering?”

LOBO: “Yeah. About how I rescued and raised all of those homeless animals. Even the cats. That was pretty cool. I’m sure this thing about you running will be cool, too, though. There will probably be some people that want to read about you trying to run. I just figure more people are wondering what’s going on with me.”

ME: “I don’t try to run, Bo. I run. But yes, I’m sure people wonder about you, too. Maybe you can help with the new book.

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