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Getting Off Running Restriction

Been watching the social medias like a 16 year old on punishment.

All of my friends planning their little running groups and hiking trips. Posting pics on trails and mountains. Little clique-y pics that I don’t get to be in. 



Seriously, this is devastating. Because I desperately need to be included, but I’m also desperately introverted. Running lets me be super social without having to be super social. I rarely have to talk when I run. I barely even have to listen to other people talk. But I still get to be part of the group? It’s perfect.

But I’m on restriction and can’t go with the cool chicks hiking this afternoon.

And there’s gonna be a surprise on the hike. (It’s not food, though. I asked.)

Initially, I thought I might try to sneak out and go with them. Not tell my running partner. But you know how these things go. Someone would take a pic and post it on the social medias and I’d inevitably be in the background trying to pretend I’m not there and my running partner would see it and then he’d take away all of my shoes. 

I love my shoes.

So, next week I’m going to see the magic doctor that’s going to immediately heal all of my injuries and write me a note that says I can run again.

I have the paperwork all ready…

I’m countin’ on you to get me back into the running/hiking parties before they stop inviting me, doc. A girl can only lift weights alone for so long before it just starts to feel desperate and sad.

My social life depends on you.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.


  1. martywinn says:

    Ignoring it and hoping it goes away is one of my favorite treatments also.

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