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Budgeting My Ten Miles

So, I get ten miles a week.

Used three of them to get some miles in with my running partner tonight.

Before we ran, I stopped inside Starr Hill Brewery to pee. Because I live 5,000 miles away. Have you been inside the Starr Hill bathrooms? There’s no flusher. At first I thought it was one of those fancy automatics like at my job #4. But even after standing up, fully reassembling my running tights, and washing my hands, it still hadn’t flushed.

I tried waving my hands around it. Kind of ran them all around the toilet in a hovery Reiki sort of motion.


I started to call my running partner to ask him to come help me flush the toilet.

But then I saw the sign. “To flush toilet, press the magic button.”

There was no magic button.

There was a Starr Hill sticker on the top of the toilet. I try hovering my hand over it.

No magic.

Finally, I accidentally touched the sticker and voila! Flushing.


That accomplished, we could finally go run.

I’m not gonna lie. It hurt. Like, a LOT. Mostly on the uphills.

I should note that we ran on the greenway, which has a total elevation gain of 19ft. Soooo, these weren’t, like, hills. Not hills that your average runner would notice. But my Achilles noticed.

So, when my running partner asked, at 1 1/2 miles in, if I wanted to run three miles or four, I pretty quickly jumped on the three. Because that was about the time my Achilles was threatening to just snap right in two if I’d said four.

Plus, my running partner was starting to do math after asking how far I planned to run this weekend.

There was the mile I did yesterday with Lobo. There’s the Girls on the Run 5k on Saturday. Then Sunday is going to be Spring, so at least five that day. So, one plus three plus five plus the three we did tonight…

But I think I remember doc saying “like ten miles” when he signed my running permission slip. Which is basically like saying “ish.” So, I figure I get to run ten-ish miles a week.

And I’m pretty sure that adds up to something like ten anyway. It’s definitely ten-ish.

Because while it hurt during the run, I’ve got that delicious post-run kinda numb lazy feeling right now and it’s amazing. It and those new Mozzarella & Marinara flavored Ruffles are major reasons why I run.

But just that ten-ish this week. Because I’m an excellent rule follower.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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