Blue Ridge Double Marathon and FOMO

Got an email today about the Blue Ridge Marathon. Double. The Double Marathon.

Apparently there are 17 spots left. For the Double.

Admittedly, I haven’t registered for BRM yet because I can’t decide on which distance to do.

I wasn’t really considering doing the Double this year. You know, because last year I learned that Running the Blue Ridge Double is Like Getting Jumped Into a Gang.

But the thing about gangs is that everyone wants to be part of them, and they open you up to new experiences, and they make you feel accomplished, and they show you how much you can achieve, and… Wait. No. No, that’s not gangs. Gangs don’t do that. It’s running. Running does all that.

So, anyway. I get the email and immediately text my running partner. You know, just to give him information. Not because … I wanted to … register for it or anything.

He said no. And something about what I looked like trying to navigate the stairs last night.

So, I decided to take Lobo for a jog and talk it over with him.

He also said no. And something about the sounds I make every time I stand up. Or sit down. Or exist.

Whatevs. I wasn’t gonna sign up for the damn Double anyway.

But you can. I mean, 17 of you can. Until it sells out. Which it will. Because they is a LOTS of crazy in this town.

You can register by clicking here. And then get 20% off by using coupon code: AMBASSADORSUNSHINE20

Just maybe don’t tell me when you do. No wait. Tell me. No don’t. But I’ll want to know. But no. Don’t. My FOMO is too strong. Don’t tell me. Yeah. Don’t.

I need to talk to doc…

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