Johnny CASA 5-Miler

Ran the Johnny CASA 5-Miler this morning. Benefiting the Southern Virginia Child Advocacy Center.

Running the Johnny CASA 5 Miler
Photo Credit: Ed Kohinke who stands out in the worst weather at every race to take the best pictures.

My last race of 2018. 

I’m serious this time.

Mostly because there aren’t anymore organized races left this year.

That I’m aware of…

And despite getting snowed out of my appointment with Dr. Rich this week, I managed to get through all five miles with very little pain.

Running Partner and I both walked away with 1st place Age Group awards.

Photo Credit: Andy Dalton. I think. There were a lot of cameras pointing at me just then. Paparazzi, man. They’re everywhere.

I’d like to say that this means that I’m fully healed and back to solid running form. But really it just means that Johnny and his crew have established a really excellent race course. It was fun. Hilly enough to keep my hips happy, but not so hilly that my Achilles threatened to snap. 

Plus, like, every single person I’ve ever met was there. Mostly. I mean, except the ones that were running the Seashore 50k. Or the Mountain Junkies Cookie Run. Or the ones that aren’t runners. 

But everyone else was there. 

Including the beautiful little Brazilian in her sexy Santa outfit. It’s unreasonable for someone to look sexy while running.

And my old Day Treatment supervisor. Not, like, old supervisor. Pretty sure she’s younger than me. But old job supervisor. 

And GJB. Who insisted on letting everyone know that I was wearing the same running tights that I’d worn earlier this week.

I washed them. Plus, I’m poor. I have a limited selection of running tights. Stop judging me!

Missed out on my ladies challenge group community wall sit after the race. Because food. Running Partner wasn’t taking any chances. So, I had to do it at home. 150 seconds. Which requires math. And pain. I think probably, what, 2 minutes and 30 seconds of pain? That’s what I did, anyway. Don’t tell me if I’m wrong.

So, that’s done, which means I’m still on track to attend the challenge dinner at the end of the month. While wearing my Christmas cat dress. 

Today’s race puts me at 9.6 miles for the week.

I’m allowed 10.

My really excellent math skills tell me that I still have .4 miles left to run. Tomorrow. 

And because Running Partner knows me, he was very clear that I can run exactly .4 miles. (I like to put the “s” on the end so it feels like more than just 4/10 of a mile…) And I can’t, say, forget to turn on my Strava. Or run four miles up the road to the perfect .4 mile stretch to get my .4 miles in. Or accidentally go over and delete that Strava run and re-record a new .4 mile run. And…

You can see that there may be some trust issues there.

But I’m still really excited about my run in the morning. 

For tonight, I’m gonna ice my knee, which seems to be trying to warn me against going over my mileage tomorrow.

Because I’m on a reward system.

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