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Snow Day

The first snow run of the year is always my favorite.

It always takes me back to my first running crew, back in Lancaster. There were only three of us. Generally not enough to claim a crew, but one of us was named Mad Dog, so I feel like that gave us crew credentials.

Because I was a northerner, I’d drive 45 minutes into Lancaster city in a foot of snow to run with Gina and Mad Dog. My crew. (The story behind Mad Dog’s name is actually a fun one that involves a tiny chick named Tiffany and a big, uppity CEO being taken down several notches…we never called her Tiffany again.)

And because when your best memories are made on a snowy trail with excellent humans, you make the drive.

But not now. I’m a southerner now. And I have a southern car now. And southern cars don’t drive 45 minutes in a foot of snow.

So I threw on some layers and headed out into the snow by myself.

Gracie said that was a stupid idea, but to bring her back a baby mole or two. If I could find any. (I don’t know why moles. Or babies, specifically. They’re just her favorite. Who am I to question the circle of life… that keeps my yard mole-free…)

Running in the snow alone isn’t half as much fun as running it with other excellent humans.

Luckily I got in some excellent human time yesterday. With Running Partner. And several random children. At the afternoon performance of The Nutcracker.

I don’t know who the children belonged to. I just know one ended up halfway onto my lap, and another narrated the entire performance. Which was handy. Because The Nutcracker can be hard to follow if you don’t know the story. You know. Because they don’t use their words. I’m not entirely sure child number two actually knew the story himself, but he sounded pretty confident, so I’m gonna trust his version.

At one point, I saw Running Partner kind of glancing curiously behind us. I turned to see why, and came nose to nose with child number three. Who had popped his little head right in between ours, and was just kind of staring back at me with dead eyes. His blank stare was a little unnerving, so I returned my attention to child number one who had taken her head off of my lap and was instead rooting around under the seats. Where my emergency preventive bag of Doritos was. That Running Partner insisted on buying. Because he’s met me.

I was just starting to worry that I’d have to ask to borrow Running Partner’s belt so I could beat child number one when intermission hit, distracting her long enough for me to reclaim my Doritos.

Lucky timing.

I would have felt bad for hurting child number one.

But we enjoyed the performance. It was well-done. And you know me. Anything that allows children an opportunity to pursue their creative talents. (Just don’t touch my Doritos.)

And a delicious (like, ridiculous delicious) dinner at Luigi’s made ya girl super happy. And also made me feel kind of grown up and sophisticated. (Said the chick who was prepared to fight a six year old girl over a two ounce bag of Doritos…)

So, today I managed a mile of snow jogging before sliding back down the road to my house. And it didn’t hurt. At all. I mean, my feet were pretty numb from the icy snow. But I’m pretty sure it was Dr. Rich to thank.

Because magic.

I also managed some strength training and my challenge group wall sit. Because challenge group dinner at the end of the month means I get to wear my new cat Christmas dress.

I was planning to spend the rest of the day gorging myself on Christmas cookies. But they didn’t turn out excellent.

But they look pretty.

Oh well. It’s just about Blue Ridge Marathon training season anyway. I probably don’t need the extra weight to carry up the mountains right now.

But seriously. Who wants to see the cat Christmas dress? It’s fancy.

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