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This Week, Man…

So, Monday started like this…

These are the things that allow me to find my way home and keep me safely on my side of the road when I’m driving at night.

My son’s puppy did that. And then had the nerve to look proud of herself. And I probably didn’t yell curse words at her … until she looked at me with her freakin adorable little puppy eyes and said she was real sorry.

That damn face.

But I managed to make it home after work on Monday without them.

And then Tuesday came.

And this happened.

That’s a stink bug. Floating. In my half-brewed pot of coffee.

Do you have any idea rarely I actually look at the pot of coffee I’m brewing before I drink it? And do you have any idea how little my brain processes pre-coffee? We’re gonna call this divine intervention.

So, I had to let it finish brewing. Which took for.ever. And then pour a full pot of coffee down the drain. And clean it. And then brew an entire new fresh pot.

Nothing is worse than waiting an eternity for your morning coffee without any morning coffee to help you wait for your morning coffee.

But I still managed to get out the door in time for my magical Dr. Rich appointment. Where Running Partner had just finished his appointment. So, he and Dr. Rich were both able to tell me at the same time how I’m not allowed to run the Blue Ridge Double Marathon this year. I believe I heard the word “stupid” at one point. But I did get a fairly low-pain non-stop five mile run in with Running Partner that night. And still managed to find my way to my actual home. Still without my glasses.

Then Wednesday morning started. At 7:30am in the morning. At a Leadership Team meeting. At which point I announced to the entire Leadership Team, including my boss’s boss, that I need to be medicated.

That could go a few different ways for me.

So far I haven’t been fired from any of my jobs, so I’m hopeful.

But I missed Erica Austin magic yoga Wednesday night because the ick had taken a pretty good hold at that point and I was NOT chancing the drive without my glasses.

(Side note: The ick was not my reason for announcing my medication needs to the Leadership Team. There are other issues. Just. Nevermind.)

Thursday morning I discovered that, with five jobs, I’m not even at the bottom end of middle class.

So that feels good. Gives me something to work towards…

But Friday. Right? I was so happy when I woke up this morning. After sleeping in. It’s Friday. I didn’t have to test anyone until 10am, so I could take my time rolling out of bed. Enjoy some reading. And coffee…

And then this happened…

That’s a full, rather large cup of coffee. Really good, stink bug-free coffee. That I threw. After tripping on the stairs. And ramming my knee into one of them. Because apparently my Achilles was healing a little too nicely.

I need a challenge.

So, I mean, it seems like a great idea to go ahead and get a run in on a trail I’ve never experienced tomorrow morning before I race around Roanoke trying to visit all of my juvenile probationers before the snow arrives.

Bring on Frozen Toe 10k 9k.

What’s the worst that could happen?


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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