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Taper Week Energy

I’m on mandatory taper this week.

I don’t make these rules.

I don’t make any of my own life rules.

Rogue told me me not to be myself yesterday.

Her exact words were “don’t go full Sunshine right outta the gate, because without context it can be a little scary.”

And, I mean, it’s probably solid advice.

Of course, she also asked a Magic 8 Ball if she should start dating again and it’s response was “dear God no.”

Soooo which one of us is scarier?

But she really was just doing her job as my handler. Reigning in my naturally awkward instincts.

She’s also pretty sure she’s gonna get me this.

Fall Risk would also like to get me a hoodie and a t-shirt and a beer glass and a hat…


But they are not exactly not challenging women.

They’ve got challenge for days.

But only in the super hot totally independent don’t come at me with that weak game kind of way.


But yeah.

I can be a teensy bit dramatic.

And I may have the tiniest need for attention.

And sometimes when I’m saying words my brain is off sorting through other things and not really monitoring what’s happening in my mouth. And so my mouth just keeps going until I’m either apologizing for who I am as a person or Rogue tells me to stop talking.

It’s worst when I’m getting plenty of rest and my energy levels are high.

Obnoxiously high.

Normally I’d have an outlet for all of this obnoxious energy.

But Beautiful Beastie put us all on bed rest for taper week.

So I haven’t run or been to the gym since Sunday.

And my coffee intake levels have remained the same.

That is a LOT of pent up life force.

It has to come out in some form.

And it’s way too early in the school year for me to alienate my co-workers.

So physical fitness it is.

And Rogue and I were the only ones following BB’s rest orders anyway.

And it felt weird that she and I were the ones actually following rules.

(Except Rogue was probably not following rules so much as just being distracted by work and life and some documentary she watched 12 years ago about the migratory habits of bats and why aren’t there more female cop shows on tv and where would you hide a body if you had to take someone out without premiditating and…seriously. That’s how her brain works. But I’m the scary one.)

It’s been months since Rogue and Fall Risk and I have been to the gym together.

It should only take about one round of exercises for J-Viscous’s head to explode.

And then we’ll head over to Starr Hill to jog slowly. And recover. And hydrate. And carb load.

And maybe there will be some stranger that I can say all of my awkward words to. And get that out of my system. So I can be totally normal at work tomorrow.

Because good choices.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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