Not My Fault

Holy hell, y’all kind of lost your minds on the Facebooks and Messengers while I was socialling last night.

Y’all said some words.

Hurtful words.

That’s ok.

So…you’re bailing?

Why does everyone always assume I’m gonna bail? How did I get this reputation?

This was the conversation with F4 Guy. Who was going to the same socialling that I whined myself an invite to last night. Who doesn’t want to be called F4 Guy. Or really even referenced at all. So obviously he’s gonna.

It was also the conversation that happened after I had already bailed on two different groups of people. Yesterday.

Ok. Maybe I committed to some things. After calling some people out. And it’s possible I didn’t follow through on all of them.

But really, Fall Risk? A whole blog about my failure to show up ONE TIME???

That seems…excessive.

I had so many intentions yesterday.

I was gonna go to all the things.

It’s absolutely not my fault.

This is what happens when I’m in charge of my own timetable.

This is why I hand my life and schedule over to all of you.

This is why I am YOUR responsibility.

Look. I don’t get geography. Or math. Or future consequences.

These are not my areas of strength.

I’m good at other things. Probably.

So what had happened was, no one wanted to do anything yesterday. And then all of a sudden everyone wanted to do all the things yesterday.

So I committed to POO. And PFSF. And some errands in Roanoke. And socialling way over on the other side of the county. Without any pre-planning or guidelines.

And then I tried to figure out timing.

On my own.

This is where it all goes wrong.

I should have handed that responsibility off to someone else.

Usually there’s at least one member of my Christmas Crew involved in all of the activities I commit to. So I don’t ever have to be responsible for the planning part.

I needed to go into Roanoke for some errands before POO. And maybe when I was calculating POO time, I was basing it off of my house. And not Roanoke. How in the hell am I supposed to know shit like that?

So, that’s fair. Right? I mean, I gave them a heads up that I wouldn’t make it on time. That’s not really my fault.

We should probably blame the education system for that one.

But then I had way too many hours before PlayFITStayFIT time.

And I tried. I tried to just hang out in Roanoke all damn day. Shopping.

But ya girl works in education. That allows for exactly one new pair of trail shoes or 20 minutes in TJ Maxx.

I made RunAbout Ali spend as much time as she could talking trail shoes. And trying them on. And walking around in them. Because mine are still sitting in a parking lot back in North Carolina.

But my feet are very specific in what they want out of life. And Ali was not about to push me into a pair of shoes that my feet didn’t love.

I can tell you don’t love these. Don’t buy what you don’t love.

Girl, that’s deep.

And also, how awesome is a small business owner that doesn’t push merchandise on you just to make a sale?

It’s cool. They’re getting some new Nike trail shoes in soon that I’m gonna try. I haven’t worn Nike in a lot of years. But God only knows what my feet want at this point.

But that process only took about 30 minutes. So I still had a lot of hours before 4 o’clock PFSF. And I didn’t want to just wander around Roanoke like a refugee.

So I went home.

And I was gonna go back out for class.

I was.

But when I walked into my house, the boy was watching the newest Mandalorian. Soooo I had to watch that. And also food. And I really, really needed a shower. Which the boy said I hadn’t earned because I didn’t go hiking. But he’s not the boss of me. Because he damn sure didn’t help me with my timeline.

And also, I didn’t know Fall Risk was going. She said she wasn’t going.

So by the time this started happening on my phone

I didn’t have enough time to actually get there.

So we can all see how none of this is my fault. And how it’s on all of you to keep me on track. In adventures. And probably just in life, too.

It’s cool.

I’m gonna go to Friendsgiving tonight. And take my punishment like a big girl.

But that’s allll the way in Roanoke. So someone should probably tell me what time to leave my house.

Otherwise, I can’t be held responsible if I end up on a mountain or something by mistake…