Waiting on My Christmas Crew

Day Three of Thanksgiving Break. And I still haven’t found my way onto a mountain.

I also haven’t left my bed before 8am.

I haven’t gone for a single run.

I feel ok about all of this.

I did, however, find my way to PlayFITStayFIT Wednesday. Because Fall Risk made me go. And Skratch reminded me about this.

This is the look J-Vicious gets when he’s about to say something nice about me.

This is the look he gets when he’s finally said it.

Just so much regret.

What he said was, “Some people need that Sunshine Richards in their life…”

Everybody needs this, J-V.

I think there was probably more super complimentary stuff after that. But he kind of starts mumbling through the rest of it.

Because that was painful for him.

Which I get. I wouldn’t want to say nice things about me, either. Except I do. Say nice things about me. All the time.

Mostly because other people won’t.

Probably because I do.

All of the time.

It’s not arrogance if it’s true.

But hey. I’m super inspiring.

Ok. Maybe not inspiring so much as whiny.

Like, I’ll expert level whine until I get my way.

And it usually works.

So that’s on y’all.

If you’d stop giving into me, I’d be forced to learn some other method of getting what I want.

Except please don’t do that. I’ll get ridiculous whiny if you do. It’s really all I know. I’m 45. I can’t learn new things now.

But most of my whining is really for the benefit of others. Because I’m usually whining about please let’s go do something active and fun. So if it gets you out running or lifting heavy things just to shut me up, isn’t that a win-win?

And I’m gonna keep whining. Because I need more mountain family. Because mine keep working extra jobs. Dammit, Rogue. And spending time with family. Dammit, OT. And disappearing to the beach and sending us pics of freakin bicycles. Dammit, GJB.

I’m actually whining as I write this. Begging OT to force me out tomorrow. And GJB to come the hell back home for Sunday adventures. And Rogue to come to a social event tonight. Because the host suggested I bring a date. And she’s the closest thing I’ve got to that. (Also got the invite to the social event by whining. So…)

And I need more gym family. Because Fall Risk and I seem to have developed some trust issues surrounding PlayFITStayFIT.

To be fair, y’all know she has left me at that gym by myself before.

But I did show up Wednesday.

And I was her partner. Against J-V’s better judgement.

“Just pick a normal weight so he doesn’t yell at us.”

Because he will yell. At us. Specifically.

So, maybe don’t tell him this part. Because he’s as obnoxious as I am about receiving compliments. But he is very intuitive about reading people. He knows that Fall Risk and LL and I respond well to the yelling.

He knows that some other people need a gentler approach. I’m not sure how to get in with those people…

He also knows how far he can push you. Without breaking you. Which I need. Because I absolutely will not push myself. I’m kinda lazy. It’s why I’m over here whining to my Christmas Crew right now. Cuz imma just be over here on my couch binge watching Star Wars (because December 19th) until one of them forces me out into activity. I need people to push me.

And J-V does.

And it sucks. Because holding a punching bag in your lap during a six minute wall sit is awful.

But it’s also effective.

And it’s right on the line of what I can and can’t do.

And it gets a little easier every time.


So, anyway. There’s a 4 o’clock class today. That someone could force me to go to.

Or I could just sit here waiting on my Christmas Crew to get it together.

Which is probably fine, too.

I’ve still got a few more episodes to binge through…