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Official Start of 2020

I slept until noon today.

New Years Day.

The first day of 2020, I slept until noon.

But also?

I woke up at 3:30am.

Because yesterday. OT said we were meeting at 5:30. AM. In the Dragon’s Tooth parking lot.

Which meant leaving my home at 4:15. AM.

Me at 3:41 AM (trying to do math and figure out why I had to be awake so fucking early): So is DT at 5:30 still a thing?

OT (immediately, because he’d been up since 3am smoking a butt. Which is way more appropriate than it sounds.): Oh it’s still a thing. But I think we can meet at 6 and still make 7:30 sunrise.

Me (praising the heavens that he had done the math himself): oh thank fuck. Yes. Ok. 6AM.

So. 6AM. I roll into the Dragon’s Tooth parking lot.

Not expecting to see anyone other than OT.

Because based on the parking lot I passed on the way in, the rest of the world was at McAfee.

But as we started up the mountain, we passed a couple at their car. Preparing to head up.

Well, that’s gonna be an issue…

We had an hour and a half. To hike a little over 2 miles. In time for sunrise.

That’s a comfortable, not vicious pace.


And it was fine.


I mean, we weren’t strolling leisurely or anything. OT doesn’t know how to do that.

But it was comfortable.

And then I noticed the light behind us.



Just don’t say anything.

Maybe he won’t see it.

Maybe if I walk right behind him, I can block his view of it. If he happens to glance back.

And don’t talk to him. So he doesn’t have a reason to glance back.

I tried. I tried to will him not to see the light behind us.

I don’t know why, though.

Because he’s got this freakish ability to alert to competition.

Is that a headlamp behind us?

No, OT. Shhhh. It’s fine.

And he didn’t say anything else about it.

And neither did I.

Because I couldn’t.

Because apparently we’d decided to invoke cyborg mode and OT to the top as fast as possible.

And we did.

In under an hour.

Which meant we had 30 minutes. To wait for the sun to come up.

And for real? If you ever want to witness pure joy. Accompany OT on a sunrise adventure up a mountain.

He gets legit excited.

I mean. I was excited. I appreciate beauty. Especially the kind of beauty you can only witness when you’re willing to crawl out of bed at 3:30 in the morning and drive over an hour and OT up a mountain and stand in the frigid winds. Waiting for it.

But OT gets this really excellent child on Christmas Eve kind of excited about it.

And this is what speaks to what a truly excellent level of human he is.

That he gets so authentically super just excited about the world around him.

And that shit’s contagious.

He pulls you straight into the next level excitement.

And makes you so thankful to be part of it.

Which is why we had to stop partway up.

He could see it coming. How phenomenal it was going to be. And he needed pictures of it.

And then. At the top. As our appendages slowly iced over. We spent some time chatting with the one other human up there.

And then turned our attention to this.

This is 2020.

This. Is how you welcome a new decade…

But also?

Can we go get some fucking coffee now???

And so we took off back down the mountain. In a run.

And as we passed a couple headed up, the chick said, “y’all are badasses!”

Which prompted OT to say, “You think this is badass. You should follow us across the street.”

And ok. Here’s what I know about OT.

As long as you’re quiet. And don’t engage him. He’ll let it go.

If it’s not something he truly wants to do. He won’t force the issue.

So I shut the fuck up.

And when we got back to the parking lot, he agreed to go for breakfast. And did not make me cross the street. To North Fucking Mountain.

And I was grateful.

And that is why I was able to return home. Shower. And crawl back into bed. Until noon. And not feel even a little bit lazy or guilty about it.

Welcome to 2020. A new year. A new decade.

Judging by this morning’s sunrise. It’s gonna be a good one.

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