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Arch Tape

Can I use an intern to go warm up my car and drive it to the main entrance for me?


Huh. Ok. Not sure why we even have interns…

Then can one of you go warm up my car and drive it to the main entrance for me?

No. But I’ll drive you to your car.

Cool. Will you warm your car up first?


Sweet. And when we get to my car, can we sit in your warm car while mine warms up?

So, I just about had this really solid plan in place to ensure my comfort after work.

Because I have to park a really long way away from my office.

And this weather is bullshit.

But then I got caught up in a pretty heated Connect Four tournament. On the floor. In the main office. Against a seven year old.

Who was surprisingly good.

I still won. Not every game. But enough of them to call myself the Connect Four champion.

He challenged me to a rematch next Friday.

That was the only opening he had in his schedule.

A seven year old child has a busier social life than me.

Anyway. When we finished playing, I got up off the floor. With no problems. Like the very youthful woman I am. Because I am. Youthful.

Also, I skipped leg day Wednesday.

Because the plan was to do the 20 mile 311-220 route tomorrow.

So skipping leg day sounded like the right call. And also Skratch said I am incapable of making the right call. So clearly I had to make the right call. To prove him wrong.

Went to arm day last night, though.

Because I always forget that I use those more than one would expect during trail running. Arms. You need them to propel.

But also I needed some form of socialization. And it’s really the only way I can ensure I’ll see Fall Risk these days.

And because I was only there for the socializing. And I like to annoy J-Vicious. And also Carlos and Co-Worker B were texting me. I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to J-V as he explained the workout.

Put your phone away.

Hang on. I just have to answer this text.

Put it away and pick up the weights.

I just need a second.

Put it away now or I’ll take it.

I’d like to see you try.


He gave it back at the end of class.

Which I had to do in socks. Because my feet wouldn’t stop cramping up.

At a certain point I couldn’t even stand.

Have you ever tried to do chest presses while sitting on the floor?

It’s awful.

But not as awful as unrelenting pain shooting through your feet. Both of them. At the same time.

So obviously I made Fall Risk continue our socializing on a Starr Hill Pub Run.

Where OT had called a board meeting. But came way overdressed. So he made the rest of us run really fast. So he wouldn’t have to wait too long for us to get back to the pub for our meeting.

The foot cramping subsided long enough for me to manage three miles. I think I was largely distracted by GJB parkouring through the Starr Hill parking lot. So I didn’t really notice the pain.

Its back now. The foot pain. Right in the arch of my left foot.

Carlos says I should try arch tape.

Which sounds like a bullshit term. That he made up. To make me look like a dumbass when I go to the store asking for it.

But he’s also freakishly smart about that kind of shit.

So obviously I’m gonna go to the store and ask for arch tape.

But first I’m gonna go run some mud-covered mountains in the morning.

Because that seems like a solid idea.

I wonder if duct tape will work the same as arch tape…


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.


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