I’m Limiting Your Telecommuting



I get it.

We’re all just trying to survive this.

And if we have the opportunity to work from home. And continue to make a living. Without going out into the Corons. We should do that.

I fully support that.

I am as thankful as the next person that I have the option to telecommute. With all of my jobs, oddly enough…

Seriously. Not one of my five jobs has tried to fire me yet.

I mean, it’s cool. But, damn…

Anyway. We need to set some parameters if we’re all gonna be doing this working from home thing.

Because I can’t keep waking up for an 8:00 am workout. That doesn’t happen.

Ya girl needs her sleep.

And my dreams are on point these days.

Like, my subconscious is handling this pandemic really well. Like, way weller than my conscious conscious.

Because my conscious conscious needs socialization. And fitness. Quite desperately.

The only ONLY reason I crawled out of bed at 7:00 am this morning was to take PlayFITStayFIT‘s 8am class.

For the social fitness.

And he’s making us use weights now.

Like, he’s even loaning out the gym’s weights for us to use at home.

That’s how much he loves to yell at us to lift heavier.

He’s letting people take his weights home so he can give us that “I know you don’t think you’re gonna get away with that 10 lb weight” look of his.

It’s cool, J-Vicious. I’ve got my own weights.

And you can keep that 50 lb weighted ball, too.

Nobody wants that in their home.

But still. I was excited about 8:00 am class.

And I had Fall Risk talked into it, too.

Like, she woke up unreasonably early. On her day off. To take class with me.

And y’all people had the ZOOMs all clogged up.

None of us could get on for our session.


I had my coffee and everything.

I can’t go back to bed after having my coffee.

And sure. I could’ve worked out on my own. I could’ve watched one of the recorded sessions he has up on his website. I could’ve just gone for a run.

But remember Monday? When y’all left me completely alone in the 8am class? And I was all weepy and whiny? So J-V let me reschedule to the 5pm class?

Ok. So, that 5 pm class.

My gym people were in that class. Virtually. Sure.

But I could see their faces on the ZOOMs.

And I could hear J-Vicious yelling at LL. And calling out Fall Risk.

It was a tiny little bit of normal in the midst of this really just weird pandemic.

And I needed that. Even more than the workout itself.

I needed that social and that normal and that support.

I had no idea how much I needed it.

It’s crazy the things that you didn’t know you’d miss during a pandemic.

Who would’ve thought. With all of my complaining. That I would miss this…

But it’s ok.

I was able to take Roanoke Yoga’s morning HIIT session. Which, damn. My girl is not playin, y’all.

I swear I’ma come out of this quarantine in the best shape of my life.

As long as I don’t catch the Covid…

So here’s the deal.


Fall Risk and LL and I have class at 5pm.

And while we welcome you to join us.

That is the only reason you should be on the ZOOMs at 5pm. All work should be done by 5pm.

Stop it.

Just shut it down.

And then use Meeting ID 7966380001 to join us.

And if you see me whining. Because he mutes us during the workout. So you can’t hear me. But you’ll be able to tell. Trust me. I have no poker face. Just understand that it’s all part of my charm.

Also, I’ve been wandering around in a sports bra for the last 7 hours.

That can’t possibly be ok.

Just please let me have this.

2 thoughts on “I’m Limiting Your Telecommuting

  1. This is not good. I’m starting to wish I had a J-Vicious to yell my ass into shape.. it so needs it. I lost 30+ pounds for my sister’s wedding, which I didn’t get to go to because of the Rona, and now I have nothing to lose weight for. I need fitness but nothing’s open here and they aren’t even doing online classes like J-V. Dutch people are SO lazy… and I’m starting to be lazy too.. 🙁

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