The GJBeat Episode 3

It only took him 15 years. But it seems that GJB is finally on a roll. Hitting publish on this podcast the same day we’re set to record the next one.

We’re runners. And every runner needs a good pacer every now and then.

So, we kicked off this episode with a metronome. To help us maintain our pace. Through the podcast…

Just kidding.

Nobody noticed it at the start. And we just don’t know how to get rid of it.

But it stops a few minutes in. So you can focus solely on our melodious voices.

A few notes:

OT spent 46 minutes of the show with his hand down in that cooler bag thing. Trying to access a beer. Without the 15 pounds of ice he brought making sounds. So as not to disrupt the podcast.

If he’d known about the metronome, he’d probably have just dumped it all out on the floor.

He never did get a beer out of there.

But it’s ok. I gave him my last one.

Because I’m that friend.

Lil T will always defend GJB on exactly one point: his childhood allergy to bee stings.

But he’s a grown man now. Mostly. So he probably needs to leave his made up childhood allergies in the past. If you wanna read more about GJB’s overly dramatized yellow jacket feud, you can read Christmas Family Drama.

I’ve never actually been tested for the Mad Cow. So I can’t be certain I don’t have it.

I’m probably gonna donate blood anyway.

And I’m gonna quote Wolverine when they question me about it.

Wolverine kind of inspires me to want to do a 100 miler. But then I remember I’m not as badass as her. So then I think, probably better not.

I’m calling her Wolverine even though she doesn’t seem to be a true Big Ten sports fan. Which I find appalling.

Plus she’s a badass.

I want to try 25 miles before work like she did. But I don’t know how I’ll work a nap in without getting fired.

I still haven’t been invited to her house to walk her driveway segment and drink her phenomenally great really good ok beer.

GJB has taken over all of my insurance business. Because it actually is better than the other companies. And y’all know I only buy the cheapest of the best. Because I work in the lowest income fields possible.

It wasn’t a blown call.

Here it is. Episode 3. Give it a listen.

Kathryn Van Orden! #hollinscoach #frozentoe #ACLtimesthree The GJBeat

Third time's a charm for Kat Van Orden(we hope!).   She is a self proclaimed newbie of trail running while showing the results of a seasoned champ.  Kat got the victory at the 2023 Frozen Toe trail race immediately followed up by an injury she is very familiar with.  She now navigates coming back from not one, not two but three ACL reconstruction surgeries at the age of 25.   But she isn't letting it diminish her optimistic outlook.  She's a coach, fitness addict and lover of all things outdoors.  After graduating from Roanoke College she said goodbye to the beach and hello to the beautiful Blue Ridge which she now calls her permanent home.  She undoubtedly has a future of excitement!
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