Awkward Phone Calls and Rejection

So, the problem here is that school closed down 3 1/2 months ago. And even before it closed, I’d been complaining that the snack guy hadn’t brought me more Doritos yet.

So that thing has been sitting in there. Aging rapidly. For at least half a year.

But also, I’m out of work practice. So I forget to pack food. And I emptied out my snack drawer back in May.

I spent six days working this past week.

In my office.

Calling families throughout the county. Asking them questions about planning for the upcoming school year.

And y’all know. I’m an introvert. I love socializing. But I’m awful at it. I’m fairly awkward in a face to face setting. With people I know.

Now put me on a phone. And the awkward doubles.

Then make the voices on the other end of the line strangers. That I’m basically cold calling. And life gets…entertaining.

I estimate that I spoke to at least 150 people across those six days.

I definitely made phone calls to well over 200.

That’s a lot of voicemails.

I left my personal number on the first 10 voicemail messages. Before I remembered I was actually working. And had an actual work phone number I could leave.

And I had this realization halfway through an actual voicemail.


I sounded like an idiot.

That parent called me back. On my work phone. And laughed at me.

I mean, it was a good-natured laugh. But still…

Then there was the family that listed every family member’s name on the voicemail message. And I got so excited hearing the kids’ names. Because I do actually miss the kids. That I spent the first several minutes of my message saying hi to every single one of them. And then forgetting why I was calling. And then remembering. And then apologizing for sounding like an idiot. Or maybe actually being one…

The dad in that particular household used to be my boss.


I also cried on one of the calls.

After one of the elementary age children said, “I’ll even do lockdowns every day if you just let me come back to school.”


If that doesn’t go right to the heart of it all…

Her mom cried with me. So I don’t think that counts as being awkward. But it definitely wasn’t professional. It was a challenge to get back on track asking the survey questions.

Here’s the thing.

This introvert spent six days talking to people. Being as friendly and understanding as possible.

(Seriously. One of my co-workers. Who refuses to send me a friend request on Facebook. Stopped by my office. And in a very shocked voice said, “you’re doing a really great job talking to people.” I know. It shocks me, too.)

And I require a pretty long rebound time after socializing. Just to build my mental energy back up.

So, I had nothing left when I went to get my car inspected yesterday. And was rejected. For about $700 worth of issues.


So, I am yet again Living That Rejected Life. Riding around with a rejected sticker. Demonstrating to the world how unacceptable I am.

I really think all of the rambling voicemail messages I left over the past week should have been enough demonstration of that, universe.

But cool.

I just don’t even have the energy to fight it…

I really needed that Reese’s candy.

But at least I know exactly how I’m gonna spend my phone calls stipend.

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