The Pain Collective

I feel like maybe I misled y’all.

When I posted this pic

And captioned it with some whining about injuring my knee.

So now y’all sending me caring hearts and sad faces and speedy recovery wishes and “awww baby girls.”

And I appreciate all of it.

The attention.

Because me.

But I mean. Y’all understand how my body works, right?

I’m always whining about this shit, right?

I don’t really get injured.

There is no legitimate source of this knee “injury.”

I literally just woke up Monday morning. After a weekend of not really doing a damn thing. And my knee hurt.

That’s it.

See, my body doesn’t get injured.

Nor does it heal.

It simply experiences a new pain. And then adds it to the collective.

My body is basically one giant pain collective.

I note the new pain.

Acknowledge it.

Whine about it.

Attention-seek for it.

Ask a few folks about it.

Ignore their recommendations for it.

Then just add it to the list of reasons I’m gonna complain the entirety of a 20 mile run.

My knee is fine.

Unless I run. And then stop running. Or try to walk first thing in the morning.

It’s not worse than my right hamstring. Or left ankle. Or left foot. Or right shoulder. Or left shoulder.

There’s just a little clicking sometimes. Followed by a sharp pain. And then once I mumble an obscenity. It’s fine.

Rogue says that’s what hers did before it locked up completely, causing us to hobble our way through the Chicago Marathon.

Tommy says it’s one of the CL’s. I can’t remember if he said the M or the A.

He figures an x-Ray is the best place to start.

And to stop running.

Obviously I’m not gonna do either of those things.

I figure it’s nothing a nice deep tissue massage and some ibuprofen can’t handle.

Regardless, I appreciate the attention.

Clearly I’ll be running long next weekend.

I’ll let y’all know what to offer me attention for after that.

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