The GJBeat Episode 11

She was definitely the first name I mentioned. When the GJBeat conversation started.

Because I knew what a phenomenal guest she would be.

It feels good to be this right.

So, we’ve talked. Occasionally. About creating a YouTube channel for The GJBeat.

Which I got super excited about.

But then GJB stopped talking about it.

But I’ma make him talk about it again.

Because if there has ever been a time when a video of the podcast. A vlogcast? Would have been warranted. It was this one.

Because this woman’s facial expressions. Y’all.

If you know her, you know.

It is why I spent the entirety of the episode giggling.

I’m sorry you didn’t get to experience it.

But the podcast version is excellent, too.

I keep listening to it.

Over and over.

Like a stalker…

No no. Calm down. It’s fine.

Totally normal. And healthy. And absolutely no reason to call anyone…


Here are your show notes:

First. I think y’all should know. That this woman was afraid she wouldn’t be entertaining enough for the podcast. That is the level of genuine and humble she is.

She is crazy.

There were very few points where I wasn’t laughing. Except for the parts where laughter would have been inappropriate.

I’m never inappropriate…

Also, I think it’s important for you to know that Iron Mountain is not runnable. I mean, maybe in the beginning. Along the obnoxiously flat part. But seriously. If someone tells you that Iron Mountain Trail Race is “runnable.” That person is lying to you.

Every year, I barely make it through the 16 Miler without completely breaking down.

This chick did the 50.

She is a freakin badass.

Google “Men Rendered Unnecessary.” Because science.

And, ok. There’s this Ray Bradbury story. Called All Summer in a Day. About a planet where it rains all of the time. But the sun will shine for just this one hour. Every seven years. And none of the children really believe it will happen. Because they’ve never seen it. Because they’re children. And they lock this one little girl in a closet. Because mean. And then go outside to play. And the sun comes out. For just that one hour.

Like, that one little girl has that one chance to see the sun. And she doesn’t get to. Because someone locked her in a closet.

That story has haunted me my entire life.

I feel like it maybe haunts GJB more now…

Also. After the episode recording. She pointed out that there was a moment. Early in the interview. That GJB looked across the table at her. With his glasses sliding down his nose. Like an old school marm. And it threw her.

She recovered gracefully. Because she’s a professional.

But her confusion was understandable.

Because this is what she saw…

That’s, like, not GJB…

I also feel like I need to point out. That when we finish up the flasher story. And you hear me say, “I think he looks good.”

I was not talking about the flasher.

I don’t know what the flasher looked like.

He may have looked good. I’m not saying he didn’t.

I’m just saying I was actually talking about Pat McGhee. Who I’d googled. After GJB brought him up.

Because that’s my job.

But also. I’m sure the flasher didn’t look good. Because flashing people without their permission is not a good look.

But the end.

If you only have a few minutes to listen right now.

Listen to the end.

Go straight to 1:11:30.

And just enjoy it…

Because this is the story we came for. GJB just forgot for the first hour and eleven minutes.

Also. If my last memory with you is of us on North 2020 Mountain. We need to schedule a redo. Somewhere else. My last memory with anyone should never be North 2020 Mountain. No one’s should.

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