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The GJBeat Episode 10

I’m gonna skip over some folks again. And then circle back. To get this out there now. Because it’s important to me. And this is my blog. And in my blog we focus on what is important to me.

The others that I’m circling back to are important, too. It’s just. This one contains some time-sensitivity. And really just a topic I want to write about. And I have to write about the things when my brain is ready to. Otherwise it refuses to make the words.

I didn’t know this dude prior to sitting down to do the podcast.

If I’m being totally real. Which, again. It’s my blog. So I get to be totally real. And then pretend that y’all aren’t judging me.

I didn’t actually know this dude was a person.

Like, an individual person.

When GJB threw his name at me for the pod line up. And I wrote it in my calendar. I thought I was writing down the name of a band.

In my defense, he’s talked about having a few musical guests.

And I know a chick named Sunshine probably shouldn’t have questions about anyone’s name.

But this dude’s name would make a great band name. Like, one of those folksy kind of groups. Like, an Arlo Guthrie…

Who…I mean. He also was an individual person. But also a musician. So, I think it counts.

Anyway. So, when he came into the man cave bike garage cat room laundry prep recording studio area. I realized I may have been a little off the mark.

Because it was just him.

And he didn’t appear to have any musical instruments with him.

And that was cool.

Because he was so much better than a musical group.

And I want y’all to listen to this episode not just because of the things he’s done.

I mean, he’s done some pretty impressive things.

His AT stories are both inspiring and entertaining.

And I feel like he wouldn’t argue with me over which direction East is like AT Happy did.

And. Ok. I don’t know why everyone was getting all worked up over his Blue Ridge Marathon story. I do that kind of stuff before major races all the time.

I mean, I don’t win. I’ve never even seen the police escort. So maybe it’s not quite the same…

But still…

Anyway. It is a great story. When he tells it. Listen to it.

But mostly, listen to this man’s interest in our kids.

His investment in them.

In ensuring they all have access to the experiences that the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer them.

The program he wants to start in Roanoke City.

With our kids that have the least access to do the things we do.

Because it’s gonna start. In some form. In January. Barring any major shut down.

And we need volunteers. To run and mountain bike and hike. With the kids.

And we need donors. To get running shoes. And mountain bikes. And hiking gear. For the kids.

And the kids are in. They are all in. My former boss, one of the best humans I’ve ever met. And my former co-worker. One of the most dedicated humans I’ve ever met. Have also been trying to start a program like this.

So we all came together.

And they’ve asked the kids.

And the kids responded. With a wholehearted yes. Please. We need this.

And y’all have heard me say this before. In Scared Straight Back To Juvie. The things that work. To reduce juvenile delinquency. And crime. And overcome poverty. Are the things that invest in our kids.

This is an investment.

An important one.

And it’s going to be powerful.

So listen to the podcast.

And then let us know how you want to help.

Because I know my people.

I know y’all want to help.

And just…for the record…I’ve got one of those railroad spikes, too. Not for, like, winning. The whole thing. But still…

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