Safe Space Snow Days

I was supposed to get to run in the snow Wednesday morning.

Beautiful Beastie even mentioned some mountains we could climb. If I got a snow day.

Because running in the snow. The first snow. Not that bullshit won’t winter ever just move the fuck on and let spring happen in March snow.

But running in the first snow of the year is magical.

But so is sleeping in. When every bit of everything has drained your energy.

So I committed to sleeping in. Wednesday morning.

Ghost didn’t believe me.

“Show me your alarms.”

But I did.

I slept in. Hoping there would still be snow by the time I got up. Only to find…

Well that’s just ice.

No one wants to run in ice.


Indoor workout it is.

And about the time I made that decision in my brain. J-Vicious posted asking if anyone would be in for a virtual workout.

And holy hell, the speed at which Fall Risk responded.

She was just a little too quick to offer herself up to the pain master.

Like, dude. Chill. Don’t look to eager. He can’t sense weakness.

But obviously if she’s in, I’m in.

And I’m in this space right now. Where the number and names of people I can function around is small. Like, microscopically small.

Which means I’m getting very little socialization. Outside of work.

And I miss my PlayFITStayFIT people. And want desperately to take advantage of J-V’s special 5-person Boot Camp classes. Because 5 people is definitely my people limit right now. Plus, Covid and shit. Five people should be all of our limits right now…

So seeing those faces on my computer screen. Even if one of them was J-V. Was comforting. In a really weird way.

Until he said “two burpees after each set of exercises.”

Well, that’s just stupid.

And then. After a ridiculous number of real push ups. And burpees. Because stupid. That little minion threw in wall push ups. Because I’d complained about my complete inability to do them.

And so my shoulders are super pissed right now.

But then I woke up to a second snow day.

No no. You don’t get to be resentful and judgy about that.

2020 OWED us that.

Educators are losing our fucking minds right now.

And, I mean, it wasn’t even a true snow day. Since my damn email wouldn’t stop blowing up. So…

Anyway, GJB and I had planned another Thursday evening run. Somewhere.

And I know how he loves mountains at night.

So I suggested McAfee. Which was exactly what he was waiting for.

And we convinced AD to go.

And we met up in the parking lot. At 6pm.

And it was cold. And dark. And…snowing…


And because I am the only one with the survival instincts to sprint across 311. Even when no cars are coming. Because you can’t trust 2020 so y’all better move your asses. I got to the trailhead first.

Which meant I was leading.

And. Ok. So I’ve been struggling for a few months. To get my speed. And endurance back.

And I adore AD. But don’t get to run with her nearly enough.

So, I maybe wanted to impress her a little bit.

So I took off at what was probably a very comfortable pace for them. But was absolutely an uncomfortably strong pace for me.

And I thought maybe I might be dying. Around mile 3.

But then AD called me a great leader. And said my pace was perfect.

And I respond well to positive feedback.

So I decided I could probably manage to continue living for the next mile.

And thank fuck I did.

Because the top.

Was magical.

And the ice. And the mud. And what I’m pretty sure was also quicksand. So thank fuck we had all that quicksand training as kids.

Made the descent challenging.

Which only added to the awesome.

But mostly it was the company. My safe spaces. I don’t have a lot of them right now. But the ones I do have are the best at it.

Like, they could probably go on safe space tour and shit. If that was a thing. And dominate. They’re that good.

So, I can probably manage this one workday today. Before break starts. At exactly 4pm today.

Because I got more awesome safe space shit planned for the end of 2020. To prepare me for all the 2021 ridiculousness that gets planned on snow days.

(Someone may have thrown the words 100 Miler at me yesterday.)

I should probably be better supervised on snow days…

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