The GJBeat Episode 12

Three only children sat down for a podcast.

And through some mix of miracle and sheer force of will. They did not fight to be the center of attention.

It probably helps that only one of us is a Leo.

And also that the Leo is very clear on the rules.

Because maybe the Leo has been fired. From the podcast. A few times.

It’s fine. Lil T keeps letting me back into the studio.

And thank goodness. Because I had no idea.

I mean, I knew Dr. Runabout was a badass.

I mean, when you’re lining up to run Boston. Let alone pumping at the start line.

Seriously. Pregnancy and childbirth is about as ravaging a natural event a body can experience.

And this chick is over here running triathlons and marathons. Right after DIYing her own human being.

We call that badass.

But also. The rest of her story. It’s both highly entertaining and emotional.

(I’ve never had a dating idol before. But she’s absolutely mine now.)

I’ve always just looked at her as the chick that gives me organized social options for my running needs. And provides medical expertise in running shoes and gear.

Because when you collect as many running injuries as I do. You want someone with some training in the human body guiding you on what your feet and legs need.

But she goes so much deeper than that.

And I honestly didn’t know how much I enjoy her. As a person. Until this episode. Mostly because I can’t run fast enough to get to ever have a solid conversation with her.

But I feel like she may be my people.

If I can ever figure out how to keep up with her. (Y’all. She’s fast.)

So, give the Owner of Runabout Sports Roanoke a listen. (I guess technically she’s probably a co-owner. But when you are the one DIYing the humans in the household, you shouldn’t have to share titles.)

And then when this pandemic has run its course. Meet me over at Starr Hill on a Thursday night. For a Runabout pub run. And a beer and tacos.

Oh. And she won’t brag on herself. Because she’s not a Leo. But if you address her in any formality. I’m gonna need you to call her Dr. Allison Bowersock. Because she earned the hell out of that title. I’m gonna demand she use it.

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