McAfee Christmas

Lil T called me stupid yesterday.

Which was hurtful. Since she’s just about the nicest human ever made.

Ok. What she actually said was, “You do stupid stuff. Not me.“

In her defense. She’d just been pulled out of a coma. And told to put on whatever clothes she could find. And go climb a mountain. In 20 degree weather.

Also. In her defense. She’s not wrong.

I’ve got a whole blog site here filled with stupid stuff.

But I haven’t done anything this stupid in, like, a week.

The boys decided to let the girls in on the Christmas hike up McAfee this year.

Sunset hike up McAfee.

And since it was supposed to be definitely not above freezing yesterday. While the sun was still up. Let alone after it went down. I spent the day piling layers of clothing onto my body.

And I honestly thought I wouldn’t need every layer on the way up.

Like somehow we would warm up on the climb. And I’d just carry the puffy coat and sweatpants and extra pair of gloves and two hats up with me. To put on at the top. Where it would be cold…

And then we got out of the car. In the parking lot ice rink. And…holy mother.

Put on everything you can find, people. All of it. Take it from the people in the passing cars if you have to.

There was no point. On that climb. That I ever considered removing a layer.

I took my 15 pairs of gloves off. To eat the ham I’d brought. Because fuel.

But everything else stayed on.

About two miles in. I realized I hadn’t hydrated at all that day. And should probably have a little water.

So I stuck my hydration sucky thing into my mouth. And. Nothing.

It actually took several minutes for me to process through. That it was frozen.

It’s fine.

Hydration just means pee. And my special time parts definitely did not want to have anything to do with this bullshit.

And there’s a corner you hit. About 1/4 mile from the top. Where you get a glimpse of what it’s gonna feel like. When you get there.

And that’s where you realize that. Damn. We ain’t even start to feel the cold yet.

And maybe you were planning to come up here with Fall Risk next week.

And then you see the solid sheet of ice.

Leading up to the knob.


She can’t be here.

Nobody is allowed to bring her here until springtime.

And as someone who isn’t doing the socials well right now. I appreciate this place so much more when there aren’t other people.

But also.

That’s a pretty accurate depiction of what my soul has looked like for the last month or so.

Just cold. And desolate. And unwelcoming.

But OT brought his little Barbie Girl Christmas tree. Like he does every year.

So he and CJ risked frost bite and appendage loss rigging up the lights.

And the snow squall we’d been watching. Out over Roanoke. Or West Virginia. Or wherever. Had moved in.

And. I mean. We had to have photos.

Because isn’t that just the picture of beauty.

And no one could feel their fingers.

And then we had to go around to the other side. To look at Roanoke.

And no one could feel their toes.

So obviously this is what you want to be traversing when you don’t have full control of your feet.

This is why rescue workers hate trail runners.

And finally everyone hit their frostbite risk limit.

So we decided it was time to head back down.

Which is when we noticed the tent.

Someone was actually tented. Up there. Just in the middle of the wind and snow and ice and single digit temps.

And we might’ve checked on them.

But people make they’re choices, y’all.

That’s why rescue workers hate outdoorsy people.

Coming down wasn’t awful.

It was still cold.

We were still cold.

I think we will always be cold.

Cold is just what we are now.

But it was also beautiful.

And exactly what I needed to put me in the middle of Winterfell. So I can finish. Before the end of winter break.

And I’d like to say that I’ll just be here all day. Cuddled in a blanket. Reading.

But they’re making me go run more.

In the cold.

Because stupid.

Guess I’ll just pile back on all the shit I wore last night.

It’s not like my body ever produced any sweat in it anyway.

But one of y’all go check on tent guy.

He’s gonna need some help making better choices.

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