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That Time I Accidentally Ran 22 Miles

“Oh, you’ve got this nice gymnasium floor.”

And I do.

It is cool.

But dude works here. And I was probably the fifth gymnasium apartment he’d visited.

The floor was not a new experience for him.

The problem was. I forgot that maintenance was coming through to check the sprinklers.

And I’m currently unemployed.

So I’m sleeping in.

So, when I heard the knock on the door…I also forgot to put on pants.

Or a bra.

Or anything that might indicate I was some form of civilized human woman.

At ten o’clock in the morning.

So yeah. Dude was refusing to look up from the “nice gymnasium floor.”

Then he left.

And five minutes later. Came back. And knocked on the door again. And again…I forgot to put on pants…

Because we were done. And I was not anticipating any further human contact.

“Oh. I was just here. Went the wrong way. Sorry.”

Look. There was a reason I stopped leaving my blinds open.

Stop trying to make me put on pants.

And because there had been neighbors. Walking down the hall. Right at the time that he came in the first time. And he opened that door WIDE as he came in…

“You’re off from work? You should go somewhere.”

Well, I would. But because half the building just about saw my Fun China. I can’t leave this apartment ever again.

I did leave the apartment.

Because fuck it. I’m grown. Let the people see my Fun China. They’re welcome.

To go run loops of Roanoke Mountain.

Which is just about as awful as it sounds.

But I’ve got that Jarman’s bullshit next month. And I need to know how many times my body can run up and back down a road mountain without crumbling.

Or my mind just spontaneously screaming from boredom.

Three loops up and down the front side wasn’t awful.

But I decided to run up the backside for my fourth loop. Check out the road work OT and them had done.

And I was standing there admiring their work.

Ok. But there’s still this big tree here…

When I got the text. To run McAfee that evening.

But I’m halfway up loop four of Roanoke Mountain.

“That sounds like a yes.”

I mean, it’s not a no. But…fuck.

But I haven’t been up McAfee in a minute. And as a Virginia resident, you’re supposed to get a profile pic up there annually.

Also. I needed some trails. Because road running is killing me.

And it did feel good to be out there running on that after 14 miles of road.

But also. After 14 miles of road. My legs were exhausted.

And GJB kept saying how good and rested his legs felt. And he kept running.

Ok. But mine are…tired…

About a quarter mile from the top. These two tiny little girls cheerfully said, “you’re almost there!”

Right. This is why I avoid this mountain. People.

But the place was abandoned by the time we got to the knob.

Went around to the other side.

And all I did was ask…”Is that Roanoke?”

The eyeroll and smirk I received in response was not necessary.

Y’all know I don’t know this shit.

We should be proud of me for finally noticing that there’s an actual city down there.

And correctly guessing which one…

Anyway. I’ve got cross country practice this morning.

I haven’t slept.

Because the chafing on my back. After 22 miles of just all day sweating.

Feels like Freddy just raked his talons across my back.

And my knee and ankles are definitely refusing to bend.

But other than that. I feel great…

So I’ll be in the training room. Wrapping my entire body in ice. While the children go run. Whatever.

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