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Flex Format Friday

Teacher work day.

Should be a pretty easy, relaxed day.

I mean, not so relaxed that they’ll let us do our work from home. In our comfy clothes. Where we have full access to our refrigerators. Where all of our stress foods are.

Because the people who are working nights and weekends when they’re not on the clock just to keep up can’t be trusted to do their work from home…during hours they’re actually getting paid.

So, clearly I needed the gym tonight.

I was tired. And really just wanted to go home.

To do my work in my comfy clothes. Next to my stress foods. While not getting paid.

But I was too filled with resentment. And frustration. With the powers that be.

And there’s this ongoing joke. At PlayFITStayFIT.

That LL never gets to class on time.

So she has her own special 4:22pm class.

While the rest of us peasants are stuck choosing between 4pm and 5pm.

But I was pretty sure I could get to the gym before 4:30.

And I didn’t want to just sit around for 30 minutes. Watching people suffer.

When I could be at home working. In my comfy clothes. Next to my stress foods. While not getting paid.

So I said I was in for the 4:22pm class.

But then LL got there early.

At 4:15.

And I got there late.

At 4:33.

So we really just kind of forced our way into a rolling schedule.

Which I really think J-Vicious needs to consider implementing long term.

Partly because it would allow me more time after work. To work at home. In my comfy clothes. Next to my stress foods. While not getting paid.

But mostly because I know it would aggravate the hell out of his control needs.

And aggravating J-V really does make the stress of work more bearable.

Also. It makes it harder for him to track what you’re doing. So maybe if you roll a five on the dice. That says you have to do five rounds of shoulder presses and walking lunges. You can pretend like you only rolled a one.

Because no one likes walking lunges.

However. Even amid the chaos. He can still math.

Because he started yelling out how much longer each of us had left on our workouts.

And the 4:33 class time sounded…extra.

Wait. How long is this class?

“Fifty minutes.”

Dammit. I thought it was 45.

And the emotional shock. Of realizing you have five more minutes left than you thought. Will absolutely kill your spirit.

But also. Finishing up your last rep. And walking out of the building. While everyone else in the 4:55 class is still working. Feels amazing.

And almost makes up for not being allowed to work from home. During times when I’m getting paid. And not just times when I’m not.

(I’m probably not gonna let go of the resentment of this until June. Just FYI. It’s not a new issue. In education. It just hits different this year. And not a good different.)

(Nothing this year is a good different.)



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