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PFSF Dress Code Violation

So, I’m the reason PlayFITStayFIT may have to implement a dress code.

I went to leg day this week. And I was the star student.

Like, J-Vicious wasn’t saying I was the best student in class.

But he was saying the others were the worst.

Which automatically makes me the best.

So I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Even if that wasn’t his intention.

But then I went to arm day.

You know, the high point of my day. Because sad life.

And he tried to send me home for a dress code violation.

I’m not gonna share what the shirt. That supposedly violated the dress code. Actually says.

But it was a gift. From Fall Risk.

Which should explain enough.

And I love it.

And it’s not obscene. Necessarily. It is simply stating a fact.

A gym-appropriate fact.

And LL suggested maybe it should be the new PlayFITStayFIT shirt.

And honestly. I think it might bring in more business than J-V is willing to admit.

Probably only dudes.

But really. Some of us would appreciate some dudes to commiserate with while we workout.

I didn’t get sent home, though.

Because Chey-Vicious was there. The new 6pm trainer.

And she defended me.

Which she really owed me.

After the way she treated me during our last partner workout.

After I said she was pretty. And had a nice face.

And then she was decidedly un-nice. During the workout.

But I think we’re ok now.

Because she defended me.

And also because I made the entire gym stop working out. To watch her struggle through her weighted bear crawls.

Which are apparently not made for leggy, nice faced chicks.

But us stubby chicks seem to manage them ok.

Whinily. Of course. And with lots of breaks thrown in. But ok.

Anyway, I made it through two gym workouts this week. And four work days. So far. Without crying.

So I’m feeling hopeful about tomorrow.

There are no children at school tomorrow.

So no one can be truant.

Or absent for testing.

And probably I’m gonna violate dress code a little for work, too.

In the interest of comfort.

And I may even get a third gym day in. If I can find a gym appropriate shirt to wear.

So the day’s already looking up.

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