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Winter Break Rule

Rule number one of Winter Break: don’t get sick until school starts back.

I don’t know how I broke rule number one. Or why.

But I am sick.

Like, deathly sick.

Some of y’all flippantly calling it a “head cold.”

But nah. This is…

There is this massive pressure behind my eyes. Threatening to just push them right on out of my actual body. And the fever. And all this coughing. And sneezing. And this cough/sneeze hybrid that both hurts at the very core of my chest, but also offers a brief moment of delicious relief at the same time. And the drainage running down the back of my throat creating the nausea.

Just like…a head cold…


All I know is, I’m likely dying. And y’all just being all breezy about it.

It’s the eyes mostly.

The eyes were the reason I canceled Stone Cold Gap Wednesday morning with Beautiful Beastie.

No way my eyes were going to manage to stay seated inside my head if I was pushing them up and down the world’s ugliest mountain.

So I laid in bed. Whining to Fall Risk and Rogue.

Until I was legit concerned that the next sneeze would send my eyes flying across the room.

I need those. To read.

So I got up.

Put on pants.

And walked my infectious behind over to the drug store.

Masked. You’re welcome.

And hurriedly picked out some meds. Because fuck. Is the heat on in here? I’m about to pass out.

And made it back home just before actually falling out on the floor from heat exhaustion.

Stripped down to allow some measure of heat to leave my body.

Threw down my meds.

And crawled back into bed. To wait for the magic to happen.

And when I woke up. My body temperature had regulated. And my eyes had a little more space to exist inside my head.

So I picked up the book that GBFF…WHTBS had gifted me…

Because reading is my solace.

It is my escape from all of the ugliness of the world.

It is my happy place…

For fuck’s sake!!

“Yes…? What.”


This dude’s gonna be over here acting all aloof and shit? Like he doesn’t know exactly what he did. Like he doesn’t know exactly what kind of book he gave me.

This is how I’m gonna end up on the news.

With all of the emotion built up over some devastating book GBFF gave me to read. And nowhere to release that emotion. Except onto dumbass Invisible Roommate. Who is just home just always. Coughing his fake ass cough. And walking around like a fucking Sasquatch. And dropping all the things with his stupid opposable thumbless hands.

And my eyes were doing the threatening to leave my actual body thing again.

But I had to finish the book.

To find out. Things.

So I pushed through the pain.

And finished.

Around 10pm.

A solid hour past my bedtime.

And I almost texted GBFF. To maybe apologize for threatening to end our friendship. Again.

But no.

Fuck him.

He keeps putting me through these emotions.

With these damn books.

For the pure entertainment. Of watching me meltdown. Completely.


I’m not magically better today.

I’m possibly a little worse.

But I have a doctors appointment. For my annual exam.

So maybe she can tell me how much longer I have. To live.

Because I’ve got so many more books to read.

Just started this one.

Which…may have been a bad call…

I just have to stop reading books about children and animals. And alien life form animals.

Adults only tragedy from now on.



Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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