Well Rested With Issues

Honestly, y’all. As much as I’m a mess. I am the most basic human to maintain.

I’m not easy to deal with. But I’m simple to maintain.

I swear.

Handsome Son dropped sausage poofs off at work. For my breakfast. Last week. Before I got there.

My bosses. Who were the only ones there at the time. Told me how funny he is.

“We told him what a good son he is. And he told us he was doing this for us. Because you’re awful to be around when you’re hungry. LOL”

Haha. Yeah… He wasn’t joking.

I can generally be a pretty positive. Easy going person.

As long as I’m fed. And rested.

I’m basically a toddler.

So the ragey that I was feeling over break. Was largely a result of lack of sleep.

(I was well-fed over break. I made sure of that.)

Invisible Roommate. He’s just so…loud.

And while I have always. ALWAYS. Been able to sleep through damn near any noise.

I cannot. Sleep through anger. Indignation. Injustice. Rage.

And one of the quickest ways to enrage me. Is to be oblivious. To how your behaviors impact other people. Particularly me.

So when Invisible Roommate knocked on my door.

And apologized.


For being too loud.

And asked my permission. To do some fitness upstairs.

Well, that’s all I needed.

“You can be as loud as you want now.”


Sure did.

I sure did say those words.

Because he is aware, you know?

I’ve slept like a baby since that day.

Like, passed all the way out. All damn night.

So much so. That I was entirely unaware. That half of Roanoke County police department. And EMTs. Were managing some sort of emergency. Right outside my door. The other night.

Sure did not.

Because Invisible Roommate. Who is now basically my Upstairs Child. Apologized.

Fall Risk thinks he’s full of shit.

And just handling me.

But she knows me.

She knows I don’t care.

I just do not care.

If he is manipulating me.

Because he apologized.

So, he’s aware that his behavior is impacting me.

Whether he really cares or not.

He is aware.

That’s all I need.


I don’t need the behavior to stop.

I just need him to be aware.

GBFF…WHTBS feels like this speaks to some issues. On my part.


We all know I’ve got issues.

But lack of sleep is no longer one of them.

And when he started getting into his struggles. Upstairs Child. The momma in me wanted to hug him. And help him figure his shit out.

I didn’t.

Because I’m not Rogue.

But I wanted to.

Last night. Upstairs Child brought me this.

Held it out with one hand, resting it in the other.

Presenting it to me. Like a high class waiter. And walked me through it’s characteristics.

“Now, this is cheap. But it is 13% alcohol.”

And then explained that he was having some friends over.

So…I get alcohol every time you get loud?

“Every fucking time.”


I didn’t tell him that I don’t drink wine.


I don’t need the actual gift.

I just needed the awareness.

So, now I just need to figure out how to make the powers of public education. Aware. Of the shit show they’re running.

I’m not gonna say I don’t also need them to change it.

But if we can just start with awareness. With a “Hey, I know all of your jobs are shitty right now and you’re barely hanging on. And this wine is pretty cheap, but it’s 13% alcohol…”

I mean, that would be a good start.

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