Success List

Once again, I’m starting a post out with the declaration that I Am An Intelligent Person.


I listened to a podcast this week that talked about using a Success List instead of a To Do list. To…be successful.

Women of Project Management: Succes List episode

Freaking brilliant.

I talked about my To Do lists before. The massive number of activities on those lists.

I’ve never completed one before.

And I never feel like I’ve accomplished anything.

Just the fleeting dopamine kick from checking one thing off. And then the crushing stress of 42 more things just staring at me. Judgingly. Every damn morning.

She also talked about our limited energy and motivation.

I mean, we’re doing all the things. Just ALL of the things. So obviously we burn through our energy and motivation quickly.

I’ve been hashing out my total lack of energy with Rogue and Fall Risk. For weeks. Why am I so tired? Just all of the time? Looking for medical reasons.

But…yeah, no. It’s the to do lists.

So instead of trying to do as many of the easy things on our to do list as possible. To get the numbers down. And then running out of energy and motivation for the more important things. We should be focusing on the one or two big things that will get us closer to our goals. And save the small stuff for when our energy and motivation are waning.

A success list.

To get us closer to our goals.

Cool concept.

And here’s the problem.

I have too many goals.

I want to write another book.

I want to maintain this blog.

I want to finish my instructional design certification.

I want to renovate my bathroom. And kitchen. And all the rooms.

And I just started my Project Management certification classes last week.

Project Management Professional certification prep books

Which involves a three and a half hour lecture. Every Thursday night.

Exactly when my energy and motivation are at their lowest.

And I’d also like to do more than just pay my bills. So there’s the extra jobs. Because getting out of education allowed me to stop stressing about which bills I could pay each month. But it didn’t quite push me over the edge into having extra cash. To actually live beyond bill paying.

And then there’s cross country coaching. Which takes up every evening not already occupied by classes and work meetings and other jobs. And several Saturdays.

And that’s stressful, because somehow I thought I’d have time in there to train for a 50-freakin-mile ultra-marathon in November.

Success in any of these areas. With so many areas to focus on. Feels impossible.

So, I’m not sure how a success list could actually help.

Because in order for my home to not qualify for one of those tv shows like “Hoarders.” I have to also put things like cleaning. And dishes. And mowing. On the to do list.

And here’s where I have to re-establish that I. Am. An. Intelligent. Person.

Because Walter’s Replacement, my riding mower, died.

And Walter has once again been called up to maintain the entire yard.

But Walter is unable to manage more than 1/3 of the yard at a time. And requires a three hour refractory period, at a minimum, between mowings. And my lawn is unnecessarily large for someone who does not have a dog. Or young children.

So obviously I did what any strong, independent woman would do.

I called my dad.

Who came to look at riding mower while I was at a cross country meet in Covington. Sweltering, by the way. Because I’d dressed for the forecasted 50 degree weather. And it was easily 80 by the time our kids started running.

Anyway. Apparently riding mower started. With no issues. For my dad.

So he sent me a text. Again reminding me of the conditions required to start riding mower. Put in gas. Blade disengaged. Foot on break. Choke on.

Which…I mean, riding mower is very freaking high maintenance if you ask me. But I did do all of that. I swear I did. I’m an intelligent person.

And I texted my dad back. Telling him this.

His response: I love you.


I love him, too.

So now I get to spend the six hours he recouped for me trying to decide what goes on my success list. And what goes on the regular to do list. Which will thereby be ignored.

Because mowing and cleaning aren’t likely to get me any success. But neither will ending up on an episode of “Hoarders.”

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