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Mandatory Two a Days

Sometimes I make questionable fitness decisions. Largely because I desperately want to be able to keep running. Ideally, without struggling quite so hard as I do now.

On Tuesday evening, I went to see William, my Massage Magician.

“Have you ever had anything removed from this area?”

This area being the front of my left thigh.

Apparently I have what can only be described as a divot in my left quad area.

Ummmm, no? I don’t…I don’t think so…?

Discussed it with Rogue and Fall Risk later. Because maybe they might remember me having someone cut my leg open and take something out. A muscle probably.

“All the suspect appointments you’ve had and you’re really questioning this?”

I’m not saying I wouldn’t let it happen. I’m just saying, I would probably notice it? Wouldn’t I…?

Whatever the source, someone has clearly removed an entire piece of muscle out of my left quad.

The next day, Wednesday, I debated about whether to go to the gym or just do a workout at home.

I finally decided to just workout at home since I was running with Beautiful Beastie the next day. Because Wednesday is leg day at PlayFITStayFIT. And one thing I’ve learned is to not go to leg day before a Beautiful Beastie adventure. No reason to handicap myself further trying to keep up with that badass on the worst mountains in the area.

But then I realized that J-Vicious scheduled a full body workout, instead of a leg workout. Well, I can do a full body workout before a BB adventure. So, I went to the gym.

The problem is that I had this realization after I finished my home full body workout.

So, the day before a BB mountain adventure. I did two back to back full body workouts.

This is where terms like “shit show” become fully realized.

Woke up too early for a winter break morning the next morning. And drove out to Jennings Creek. Where it was 25 degrees.There is nothing ok about any of that.

But I got out of my car anyway.

Ran the first mile as a nice little warm up.

And then we started to climb.

And here is where my back to back full body workouts and missing left quad muscle really held me back.

Because BB and ADA were running. Run-Ning. Up Cove Mountain.

Cove Mountain goes just straight up. Just straight the fuck up. And these chicks. Just running it. BB yelling something about pay dirt or elevation being where the money is.

I’ve never found a single damn dime on one of these climbs.

And here I am with half a left quad muscle just trying to fight my way up. I’m practically heroic.

The whole way I’m thinking about the 40 miler BB got me running in March. And how I can barely breath. And how out of control my heart rate is. So even if someone hadn’t secretly cut an entire muscle out of my left leg, I would still be struggling to make this climb. And how I probably need to start going to PlayFITStayFIT cardio days. The worst days. Because…cardio.

But the beauty of Cove Mountain is that once you get to the top. It’s a long, beautiful, rolling run back to your car.

And my half-quad doesn’t mind the gentle ups and downs on the back side of Cove.

My right Achilles wasn’t particularly thrilled about it. Still isn’t. I wonder when someone cut a piece of that out, too, without me knowing.

And then, because I needed to balance the leg work I’d done that morning, I went to PFSF arm day.

Which was maybe not the best idea. Because J-Vicious was in a mathy mood. And started calculating how many days/months/years of gym time I’ve missed. And decided that I would need to do two-a-days for the next 200 days. To make up for all the workouts I missed. There were percentages involved. A possibly some letter math. So, I’m not entirely sure how accurate it was. But I’m not really in a position to question it.

It’s probably fine.

It’s almost new year. Which is when I’m supposed to start going to the gym anyway, right? But only for those first two weeks. After those first two weeks, I’m not longer accountable to fitness, right?

It’s just so hard living with no quad in my left leg.


Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.

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