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No Games Workout

I may have made a mistake…

See, one of the formats J-Vicious uses at PlayFITStayFIT is games.

Which…that probably shouldn’t be surprising. Because PlayFIT

But still.

Introverts don’t necessarily like games.

I mean, I love games. The right kinds of games. In the right environment.

The problem is, the right environment, i.e. my family, mostly won’t play games with me anymore. My aunts and uncles and cousins will completely disown me when a deck of cards comes out. (If multiple decks come out, they just shut the whole party down. Because multiple decks means Peanut. And I am unstoppable at Peanut. And maybe a teeny tiny bit…aggressive…)

But also games require forced socialing. Which is a struggle for an introvert. More so after a full day of socialing at work.

So it’s possible I whined a bit last week. About the games. And maybe didn’t follow all of the rules to J-V’s exact specifications.

But look, it’s social anxiety. It’s a legit disability. Just like my tremor. I need accommodations. Dammit.

So this week. *SIGH*

This week we kicked off Monday’s cardio day with no games.

There was an actual announcement. There would be no games. This would be a no games workout.

Ok, but…

Basically, no games means you just go nonstop for 45 minutes and try not to die.

And apparently you do have to actively try to not die. Because as I was melting in sweat and gasping for breath for the entirety of the 45 minutes, my watch said my heart rate was hovering right around 90.

Ohhhh. Ok. So instead of beating wildly out of control to maintain the rest of this shit show that is my body, my heart was just preparing to slow to a complete stop.


Orrrr maybe I need a new watch.

Because that bitch also said that I gave minimal effort. And only burned 190 calories.

When my “just got chased through the woods fighting for my life and maybe didn’t win that fight” look at the end of the workout would suggest otherwise.

Look. Introvert is not going to ask can we please go back to games because at least games offer natural pauses in the workout. But maybe we could at least not go all let’s see how far Sunshine’s heart can go before it explodes? Or just stops altogether?

And maybe watch could recognize the maximum level efforts I’m putting in here?

Because we’re trying to lose some of these 5 lb weights off of our ass and that’s not gonna happen if we’re putting in minimum effort and only burning 190 calories a pop.


(That’s not a current pic. But the blogs like it when you include pics. And this one is almost representative of how I felt at the end yesterday. Except not nearly enough sweat. Or mass. And it’s also it’s nice to see what I used to look like sometimes. Those shoulders. There’s actual muscle in those arms. I miss those muscles…)

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