Friday Fitness Summative

Fridays at PlayFITStayFIT are what Big Lick calls our weekly summative. Just a summary of what we’ve done throughout the week.

And what we’ve done this week – our no games week, because Sunshine whines too much, and now everyone hates her, but she doesn’t care because she hates games more – was challenging. A just really effective form of challenging.

So you’re all welcome.

I was clear. On today’s Friday Fitness Facebook post. That I would only be working out for the exact amount of time scheduled for class.

And when I arrived. Promptly. For 5 o’clock class. I suggested we could just wait 15 minutes. For Fall Risk to get there. Before starting class.

J-Vicious set the timer for…60 minutes.

I don’t…


I mean, we all knew I wasn’t gonna just leave Fall Risk to workout alone when my 45 minutes was up anyway. I am incapable of saying no. Especially to fitness-related activities.

And I’ve still got several of those five pound weights I’m trying to get rid of.

And I see this every time I go to PlayFITStayFIT.

So I kinda feel like I have to try to live up to that first part, at least.

But damn. Do y’all know how demoralizing it is to look up at the clock and see 59:00 left?

And even when Fall Risk arrived at the 50:00 mark, J-V refused to knock five minutes off the clock.

He did agree to implement a new point reward system. One point for every workout I complete. Without whining.

Right now I’m at -5,836 points.

But I worked hard. Because that’s what I do. The whining just helps me keep going.

Just about the time I was starting to whine about the amount of time left. Again. The youngest vicious escaped from the playroom. And promptly demanded the timer remote. And changed it to five minutes left.

So he’s my new hero. And the newly elected PFSF Timekeeper.

And I spent the remainder of the workout desperately trying to get him to high five me.

He had no interest.

It’s fine. He rejected Fall Risk, too.

Fall Risk. Who helped J-V recalculate how much time should be remaining on the clock. By using her watch. That started a full ten minutes after mine.

Fine. Fifty five minutes is at least better than 60.

Also, I’m looking at a fundraiser. Apparently I’ve accumulated enough negative points that I owe J-V and B-Major a full European tour trip or something.

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