Keep Your Friends…In A Different Class

Sometimes you just have to cut people out of your life, you know?

You have to set your boundaries, and if they choose to violate those boundaries…

Or fine, maybe you don’t actually set boundaries, but they should know where the boundaries should be. And then not violate them. Even if you haven’t actually set them.

I showed up for arm day yesterday. On time. Carrying Fall Risk’s Karnes Confections Fro-Sco* goodness with me. That I’d driven 35 minutes to pick up. Because I’m a good friend.

I even waited all the way until the 5 o’clock class. For her.

Because I’m a really good friend.

I knew she’d be late. Because of her job. But I showed up anyway. And started my 45-minute workout. On time (because I’m compliant) even though I was the only one in class (why y’all so scared of arm day??) and did every single one of the exercises J-Vicious had listed on that stupid little whiteboard of torture (plank-to-push ups with actual push ups seem extra).

And Fall Risk eventually showed up. And started her workout.

And things were going fine.

I was doing the workout as prescribed. She was doing the workout she wanted to. We maybe weren’t happy exactly, but we were fine.


The workout clock got down to one minute left. And J-V decided to have a conversation with Fall Risk. About what time her watch showed. And if she was planning to make up the time she was late and add it on at the end. And just as my body was anticipating the sweet sound of the clock announcing zero minutes left in the workout…

J-V reset it for 15 more minutes…

But…I’m done…I was almost done…

“Looks like you’ve got 15 minutes left to me. Go grab your weights.” -JV

But the timer…my watch says…

“Don’t worry about your watch. Pick up your weights. Let’s go.” -JV

I could’ve. I could’ve just left. Like the strong, independent woman I am.

“Hey. You said you’ve got all these extra weights you’re carrying around. We’re just trying to help you.” JV and Fall Risk, in unison

We all know I stayed. Obviously I stayed.

“I just care about your health.” -Fall Risk

Because I’m compliant.

“I want the best for you. Because that’s what friends are for.” -Fall Risk

And I did just lose one of those 5 lb weights. It would be nice to lose another.

“You’re welcome.” -Fall Risk

I swear, Fall Risk. If you don’t stop, I’m going to take your fro-sco’s and go home and eat them all myself.

Sixty. Minute. Arm. Day.


Arm Day.

I wanted to start this book last night.

But I can’t lift it.

So basically Fall Risk has taken books from me. My one true love.

I’m not sure how our friendship is going to come back from that.

*Fro-sco: a term coined by Forensics AF to refer to the frozen scone happiness created by Karnes Confections. The most delicious scones you’ll ever taste. Even if you hate scones. Because these are next level confectionary yummies. But frozen. So you can bake them fresh whenever you want one.

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