Lost: Boones Mill Version

I started watching the television series "Lost" last night. The reasons for this are uninteresting and irrelevant. But the first three episodes have prompted me to begin to establish some end-of-world scenario rules. Because much of my daily existence is geared toward apocalyptic survival: eating expired foods, going unshowered for amounts of time that far … Continue reading Lost: Boones Mill Version

Honoring My Capabilities

Saw one of my mountains on my way to watch my son's soccer game tonight. I will forever claim these mountains as mine. I'm one week into Blue Ridge Double Marathon recovery. Let me tell you, the first few days were iffy. It's possible that I posted a somewhat hysterical Facebook plea begging for advice. … Continue reading Honoring My Capabilities

Running the Blue Ridge Double is Like Getting Jumped Into a Gang

I just crawled to the bathroom. I climbed my way up onto the toilet. Then kind of fell over off of it, shimmied my pants back up, and crawled to the living room. There's coffee in the kitchen. I was smart enough to timer that bad boy. But no one will go pour me a … Continue reading Running the Blue Ridge Double is Like Getting Jumped Into a Gang

Spartan & How North Carolina Damages Friendships

Fair warning. There is language in this one. Go ahead and close out now if you prefer to avoid talks about things like poo. We good? Ok. Are you familiar with the term shit show? No? Then clearly you haven't spent much time with me or my friends. My life, in general, has been a … Continue reading Spartan & How North Carolina Damages Friendships

Taking On Impossible Challenges

The Barkley Marathons is happening right now. Do you know about this? I'd describe it for those that are unfamiliar, but there's no way I could do it justice. My writing skills aren't that strong. Yet. Check out one of the documentaries on it. The most recent is called The Barkley Marathons: The Race That … Continue reading Taking On Impossible Challenges