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Running Unsupervised

I’ve been running road a lot. Like, “two full road marathons and one half in the last month” a lot. My body has been unhappy about that.

So, I asked Kim if she’d like to go run Chestnut Ridge Trail Loop tonight.

Just Kim.

I didn’t ask anyone else.

Just her.

And me.

Left to run around the woods.


In the dark.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Chestnut Ridge Loop, it offers a 3 or 5 mile loop option.

Notice how I keep using the word “loop.”

If you take a look at the Strava map below, you’ll notice that the orange lines don’t connect. They don’t form a loop…

We started off pretty confident. The sun was still out and we were chatting away and we’d get to a split in the trail and I’d look all uncertain and Kim would direct me and we’d continue happily along on our jaunty jaunt. Because that’s what we agreed this run would be. A jaunty jaunt.

But then the sun went down and the rocks came out and the owls started hooting REALLY freakin loudly like they do right before the chainsaws roar to life in the horror movies and we’d get to a split in the trail and Kim would look all uncertain and I would ask WHY no one expressed any level of concern when I’d told them Kim and I were gonna run CRL alone in the dark. They KNOW us.

At one point, we considered calling someone and asking them to please come find us out in the woods…somewhere.

But dammit, we’re strong, capable, independent women! We don’t need a man to come rescue us!

I mean, we could probably use a man to guide us through the trails. Or a woman. Anyone who can be responsible for our directional challenges, really. But we definitely don’t need rescued. Supervised, yes. Rescued, never.

And then we realized that the owls had stopped hooting and we didn’t bring food or water and neither one of us is ok to be around when we’re hungry and so we just decided to turn around and retrace our steps back to civilization.

I don’t think there was any point on the way back when anything looked familiar. And our 3-5 mile loop eventually turned into 7.4.

But a ridiculous adventure in the woods with my girl was exactly what I needed.

And my hope for my GOTR girls is that every one of them develop the friendships that allow them to wander into ridiculous adventures themselves with the confidence to know they can handle anything.

But also that they make safe choices. That said, y’all people know better than to let Kim and I out together unsupervised. I expect that y’all will be better about supervising us in the future.



Just reading and writing and running and looking for my happy place.


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