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My Last Last Day

“Staunton River High School. How can I help you.” It’s raining. And there are tornado warnings. And I feel unsafe. “And how can I help...

Natural Bear Repellant

Disclaimer: In case you’ve found this post by searching for “natural bear repellant” on the internet. I’m sorry. This is not that. This is satire....
#Running, My Awkward Self

Spring Break From Work

I have spent the past 15 hours either sleeping. Or collecting food. For tomorrow. I’ve done precious little actual human communication. Because I’ve spent most...

Time Lapse Week

Last week a teacher came into my office. Sat down. And said, “Have you just hit a wall this week? Like…I’ve got nothing left.” Dude....
#Running, Home Ownership

Pre-Testing Season Happiness

5:36am I’m awake at 5:36am. On a Sunday. Because I live next door to a rooster. Actually, no. I live next door to a Jack...

A New Home

Slept for ten hours last night. I did wake up around midnight. Mostly because my body is used to waking up around midnight. Because that’s...

We Weren’t Ready (for snow)

Almost died. Getting my hair done today. It snowed. Here in SW Virginia. We weren’t ready. Apparently. I spent the brunt of the snow at...

Just Another Day

Damn. Y’all wasn’t playin. About just walking into 2022 quietly. Sitting down. And not touching nothin. Usually I wake up to a flood of happy...