Cups and Christmas

“Are you getting here super early?” Obviously I'm getting there super early. That's who I am as a person. "I need you to pick up cups." For liquor??? "For the workout." That sounds less fun than liquor. But fine. And so that's why I walked into the gym. At exactly 4:00pm. With a sleeve of … Continue reading Cups and Christmas

A Much Needed Return To Christmas Mountain

“When I was younger, my friends and I used to do an Invincible Week.” Well, that sounds like something I need to do. “We stopped after our last event when they had to send search and rescue for us.” Yes. This speaks to me. In all fairness, it’s speaking to me a little less this … Continue reading A Much Needed Return To Christmas Mountain

Christmas Mountain Waterpark

Water parks in February. Wouldn’t have been my first choice. But I was in a dark place this weekend. For a few reasons. Mostly just one. One is really all it takes to send me into the darkness these days. I blame hormones. And assholes. So GJB put Christmas Mountain on the schedule. More as … Continue reading Christmas Mountain Waterpark

Another .1 Christmas

You know in movies? When some emergency situation happens? And someone inevitably loses their shit? And just turns a standard emergency into an absolute shit show? I get angry. Like, screaming “get your shit together moron!” at the tv kind of angry. I got sucked into the rabbit hole that is Grey’s Anatomy at the … Continue reading Another .1 Christmas

National Endurance Day

So, everything hurts. Like, everything. Things hurt that I don’t even understand why they hurt. It all hurts. Where in hell did I find these people? Y’all. When Beautiful Beastie creates a Facebook event. And calls it Endurance Day. Like that’s an actual fucking holiday or something. Maybe keep scrolling. Because this chick. The other … Continue reading National Endurance Day

A Very KRob Christmas

Yesterday was K-Rob-D’s birthday. So we decided to celebrate. By taking her out to eat. At Red Lobster. Because... Wait. No. No, that wasn’t us. That’s what normal families do. We are not a normal family. We celebrate each other differently. And we plan a lot. And this celebration has been in planning for about … Continue reading A Very KRob Christmas

Christmas Pole Rescue Hike

Every now and then, something magical happens on the trails. Actually that’s every time. Every time on the trails. Something magical happens. Last night was no different. It was Christmas Night. As most Sundays are now. We were about a mile into the hike up the mountain. Maybe two. I don’t actually know. I don’t … Continue reading Christmas Pole Rescue Hike

Christmas Family Drama

If you go up on Christmas Mountain, there’s a trail that will lead you to an old pair of hiking sticks. Carelessly abandoned by their owner. And a beer. The sticks aren’t worth anything. Maybe sentimental value. But you’re gonna hear GJB whine about them anyway. It started out as a beautiful family Christmas. And … Continue reading Christmas Family Drama

North Mountain Anniversary

I'm not real big on anniversaries. Probably because I never really have any. But this year is different. This year Rogue and I both celebrated our one year anniversary with North Mountain. *sigh* I haven't maintained a man in my life in the last 20 years for as long as I've kept this damn mountain. … Continue reading North Mountain Anniversary