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Today I Earned a Crown and Restriction

Finished up Virginia’s Blue Ridge Triple Crown today. With the Star City Half.

I didn’t get a crown at the end.

I really wanted a crown. Pretty sure I earned one.

Apparently I did get a medal, though. That my running partner picked up for me.

Because I’m walking-impaired now.

North Mountain did some damage last weekend.

That’s probably not fair. The damage has been there. But North Mountain definitely exacerbated and highlighted all of the damage I’ve built up over the last year. Or two.

It was probably just trying to help. You know, really drawing my attention to the increasing number of injuries that I might want someone in some sort of helping profession to take a look at.

I didn’t.

Have anyone look at them.

I just sort of whined my way through the week and then decided that a half marathon wouldn’t be the worst idea ever.

It was.

The worst idea ever.

I used to think that running the Blue Ridge Double was the worst idea ever. Because Running the Blue Ridge Double is Like Getting Jumped Into a Gang. (Seriously, Though. It really is.) But I mostly recovered from that. Mostly. And then I thought that running the Lewis Gale Salem Half right after Chicago Marathon was the worst idea ever. Because that felt like Running Salem Half With Lead Weights. But still I kind of recovered enough to run Marine Corps Marathon and not completely hate life while doing it. (I hated the Marines a little bit, but we don’t need to tell my cousin that. I’ve gotten over that anger. I totes love the Marines again now.)

But this. This was definitely the worst idea ever.

I was struggling even before the race started. And I went out somewhat fast thinking I actually could do that and shorten the amount of time that I hated the world. But the shooting pains in several different body parts shot that plan all to hell.

So I walked. A lot. For the last several miles.

My running partner, unwilling to let me just suffer alone, walked it with me.

I also think he wanted to keep me from throat punching the exceptionally cheery spectators with all of their freakin motivational quotes. He knows me. The impulse was real. And most of them were children. Spending their Saturday morning supporting us. Isn’t running supposed to bring out the best in us? Because apparently running makes me want to injure happy children…

So I’ve definitely been put on running restriction. Hiking restriction, too, apparently. And I absolutely deserve it. And also probably need it.

It’s cool.

I’m just gonna sit here and put ice on places, anyway.

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