End Of A Birth Celebration Week

It’s Friday, y’all.

My birthday week is winding down.

There will be no fitness for me today.

Because yesterday

So what’s happening here is this.

NO ONE except Liz and I showed up for Arm Day yesterday.

And because J-Vicious knows that partner workouts are the worst things ever…

This is me holding a low push up and Liz praying for the ability to make better choices before she starts her final round of 50 push-ups.

This photo is a screenshot of the live Facebook video J-Vicious sent out yesterday. As he sat there. Watching us. And repeating himself like a senile old man. “Sunshine, that’s not right. You’re gonna have to start over.” “Liz, where’s that plank?”

And then all of y’all at home. Falling asleep on your couches (I’m looking at you, Fall Risk). Jump in.

Judging my push up form or my rest needs.

And so I end up like this for most of the workout.

But then this manipulative little brat brings his adorable daughter in. And says, “She’s watching you guys. Don’t let her down.”

And damn if she wasn’t just sitting there watching.

No doubt thinking, “Why these chicks whining so much? My mom doesn’t whine like that when she works out.”

And so you can’t not do the lateral holds while Liz is pushing out 50 chest presses.

But also you can’t actually do the lateral holds for more than a millisecond at a time, either.

So much crying.

I also failed to successfully complete the birthday bonus bicep and hammer curls with the increasingly heavy weight. But I appreciate Liz for staying and doing them with me. After I whined. A lot. About her abandoning me.

Fall Risk also did not show up for beer and tacos after the workout.

Which meant that I had to participate in the actual RunAbout pub run.

Because Rogue (y’all ain’t heard that name in a minute, right?) finally found a little strength and energy to come out for an activity. I’m pretty sure she’s not contagious now. Though I suspect she may still be a carrier.

So we struggled through a 3 mile run up Jefferson.

And then waited patiently for GJB and OT to finish up their bicycle ride and have a beer with us.

I swear I picture this when they ditch us for two wheels.

Bikes and Bloomers.

But just so that OT could reclaim a little of his manhood, we did some broad jump burpees in the Starr Hill parking lot.

With Parkhurst. Who said something about it being his birthday soon? Or recently? Or that moment?

I don’t know.

I just know that it’s possible I’ll limit my birth celebration to a quick 30 minutes next year.

So much resting today…

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