Cove Mountain Return

I’ve got to run a virtual 5k. For my Girls on the Run. Virtual Celebration 5k.

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And I’m not sure I can.

Rogue did two marathons and a 50k last week. Because she doesn’t know how to work Strava.

I did one PlayFITStayFIT workout and 15 miles yesterday. And my body is just done doing things. Any of the things. It refuses.

I did appreciate Beautiful Beastie asking me to go run the mountain.

And giving me options.

7am at Bobblett’s Gap or 7:45 at Bearwallow.

Obviously I opted for the later time and shorter distance.

Got to Bearwallow in time to meet Happy. Happy is an AT through hiker. Happy doesn’t trust my navigational skills.

Happy is his trail name. He explained that to me.

Sunshine is my real name. I explained that to him.

He didn’t ask what my trail name is.

I don’t have one.

No one will give me one.

Probably because I shouldn’t be on the trails.

Happy (starting out ok enough): You hiking the AT this morning?

Me (bristling a bit at the word hike): I’m meeting some friends and we’re gonna run this loop.

Happy (trying to prove he’s more badass than me): I can’t run carrying this 45lb pack.

Me (unsure of the correct response): Yeah…

Happy (clearly having a different friend group than me): You’re getting an early start.

Me (just grateful that my people didn’t make me come out here at 5am): Ummm…they actually let me sleep in a little today…

Happy (looking at his special AT book): So, I wanna go East to get to…Byuchannon?

Me: Buckannon. Ok.

Happy (pointing towards Bedford): So, it’s that way?

Me (looking around for someone else to take over the conversation): Ummm…no. No, I don’t think so. Buckannon is that way (pointing towards Buchanan).

Happy: Well, the sun rises in the east and it just came up over there (pointing towards Bedford). I know that much.

Me (thinking I should’ve waited for BB in my car): Well, I just came from there. Because that’s where I live. And I live in Bedford.

Happy (questioning if I really know where I live): But that’s East. And this says to go east.

Me (losing all confidence and questioning if I really know where I live): I mean…I did just come from there. And that’s not where Buchanan is….

Happy (deciding that I’m a fucking moron and taking on that bullshit condescending man tone smirk. That fucking smirk): Well, I’m just gonna head that way into town.

Me (no longer giving a fuck if Happy strolls on into the middle of Montvale to discover nothing but some gas tanks and a mini mart): Oh! There come my people.

Happy (just really trying to push the boundaries of civility): Are those your kids?

Me (fuck you, happy): No. Those are my grown friends…

Happy (looking at BB and deciding she’s who he should’ve been talking to the whole time): So, is Byuchannon that way?

Me: Buckannon

BB (taking Happy’s bullshit AT book): No. It’s that way (pointing the direction I told his dumbass from the start).

Happy (trying to get in one last dig because his fragile man ego can’t take TWO women telling him he’s wrong): Well, enjoy your hike.

Me: Run.

At any rate, I was right.

Happy’s bullshit little book was wrong.

And I just want us to all take a moment to acknowledge that I WAS RIGHT. About DIRECTIONS.

And then BB, K-Rob-D, and Finn’s Dad started up the trail that Happy had just come off of. As I was heading back over to the parking lot to start up the trail over there…

Oh. Wait. Are y’all all just peeing or is this the trail we take?

Look. I haven’t run this mountain in months. There’s no way for me to still have that information in my brain.

But it was fine.

I followed them and it was fine.

It was better than fine.

It was perfect.

I haven’t seen a real view in over a month.

BB spent some time trying to explain what those mountains are.

Because she’s convinced that we’ll all learn. Eventually.

I don’t remember what they’re called.

Ask Fields. That’s his house.

But I definitely know they’re not called Peaks of Otter.

We had a beautiful and pleasant run down the mountain from there. The trail on that side is nearly perfect.

Once we hit the climb back up the other side. K-Rob kicked into overdrive and I didn’t see her again until we came down off of the AT.

We had some pretty deep water crossings. Because the water was running strong. From all the rain.

Finn’s Dad went a solid mile up stream on the first one in search of a low point to cross.

I’m not sure he ever found it. But he did catch back up to us eventually.

At which point he began sharing his idea. For a book series. And…

I mean, I definitely think he needs to act on this idea. I won’t share it here. Because copyright or whatever. And also, I don’t need to frighten my readers with it.

It takes some dark and unsettling turns.

But suffice it to say that the third book in the series begins with a human-deer hybrid.

And really I just need him to get this series out there. In the world. So I can weed his readers out of my dating pool.

On the bright side. His unsettling creativity distracted me almost the entire way up the backside of Cove Mountain. Or wherever we were.

So that as we were coming down off the AT. And hit the road to Buckannon. BB said, “You gonna keep going with us?”

And I walked my happy ass across the road and started on the trail over to Bobblett’s Gap.

Which is exactly the time that my body said, whoa there, girl. What…whatcha doin? Our car is back that way. We didn’t sign on for 20 miles today.

And as the others quickly faded from my view. Because I was crawling my out of shape ass up the trail. I began debating.

I could turn back now. And have a pretty easy downhill jaunt back to the car. Or I could push on through. And take the parkway back to the car.

And as my brain was working through all of this. I suddenly found myself standing on the parkway.

Entirely unsure of how I got there.

And definitely not remembering ever crossing the parkway the one other time I’d done this stretch of trail.

And there were people there. Enjoying the overlook.

And obviously I didn’t wanna look like an amateur.

So I texted BB and just headed left onto the Parkway.

In the direction that I thought my car would be.

And there were some moments where my brain started to worry that I might end up in Byuchannon. With Happy. And I’d have to ask his condescending ass for directions back to the spot I met him. And my pride absolutely wouldn’t allow me to do that. And probably I’d just find a house and end up living there instead.

I can always buy a new car…

But then I saw this sign

And then I saw my car.

And my body breathed a sigh of relief.

And I tried to stretch out the 15 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing a bit. Before getting in to my car. And driving east. Towards Bedford.

But now I’m trying to decide how to…function today.

Because Bo is having one of his good days. And demanding a walk. And I’m not even sure I can bend over to put on shoes.

But it’s cool.

Because I got mountain time with my people.

And that makes my heart happy.

“I don’t know what kind of story you’re telling her back there, Finn’s Dad. But it’s just good to hear her laughing so much.”

That. That single comment from BB yesterday did everything to pull me out of where I was. And restore some of my motivation and hope.

(The story, though. Just…tell him to write the books…)

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